How Working Remotely as a Marketer can Make you More Productive and Creative?

The biggest benefit is getting in touch with raw market space and people
How Working Remotely as a Marketer can Make you More Productive and Creative?
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When we hear the word ‘market’ the very first thing that comes to our mind is a market place, teeming with consumers and the suppliers, who are desparately trying  to meet their goals. Well, for a marketer, it’s something even more than that. What’s expected from a high-end marketer is to be occupied with a decent knowledge of every possible market, have sound analytical skills and play its role smartly enough to out-stand others in the race.

In the recent times, to travel around the world, to absorb a better understanding of the marketplaces, work cultures and other affective factors of any particular market is no exception to the rule. However, this work can turn into a good leisure time if you love to travel and all your working equipments are already taken care of, at your disposal. This extensive love for exploring and working has lead Nischal Dua, a young entrepreneur, to find ‘The Remote Life’, which lets every travelling aspirant to work while being outdoors and enjoy every possible activity.

Why live ‘The Remote Life’

A research conducted by Maduxx suggests that people who work abroad or outside one locality tends to be better problem solvers, highly creative and better thinkers. As they are acquainted with working in different cultures, they have an unusual understanding of some common concepts as they can perceive things with dynamic approaches. "The best part about travelling and working simultaneously is that you get to extract a lot from the immediate setting you are in and find numerous irregular inspirations," adds Nischal Dua, founder ‘The Remote Life’.

The focus of remote life is to enable working while chilling without a single barrier of getting job affected and the main target is on entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups and other established organizations who believe in remote life rather than getting their employees stuck in one cubicle, working endlessly in the same setting. If we believe the stats, of all the professions, 17% are bagged by the writers and other creative field workers who prefer to work in different setting and find it far more fruitful than working in the offices.

No More Barriers

The facts why people would contingently abstain themselves from working remotely are nothing less than obvious. Even after having a serious affair with travelling, most employees fear that their work will get affected due to many reasons, being outdoors, some of them being the enormous amount of distractions, a need to spend hours on worrying about travel plans, the availability of basic things in foreign lands, disturbed by thoughts of getting a desired work place and so much more. Well, having a good acquisition of experience of working outdoors for a long time in across almost every kind of location, from a mountain base camp to a beach, Nischal Dua has made sure that his company provides its clients with an unmatchable experience, not just with the travelling exposure but also with a pitch perfect working environment.

Deals that Benefit

To work remotely as a marketer has its biggest benefit in getting in touch with raw market space, getting in touch with people, to get the most out of multicultural environment and to learn more and more about what’s the working culture of that particular country and this is what exactly people living the remote life gets in their vouchers of being the part of the mobile group. You get to engage with a lot of cross-cultural people, get to learn from them, about their psyche and what not, all you have to do is to take risks and step outside.

Even a lot of well established companies like Google, Cisco, Accenture tends to follow this lifestyle and some companies like Wordpress, Buffer, Zapier are 100% remote, which means, they don’t have any employee working in the office.

Studies have manifested that the employees who work outdoors or remotely tends to give higher productivity to the company and are greater asset to them as they are always in the forefront of global exposure, higher risk taking behavior, much open-minded and stress-free. Also, not only your professional profile but your personal life and psychological well-being is also going to be better after being a remote worker because, "At the end of the day, it’s not how much you’ve earned that counts but, what you’ve learned in the process is the real earning." – Nischal Dua.

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