#5 Unknown Facts About Hugh Hefner that Made Him a Successful Entrepreneur

The editor, author and a businessman, Hugh M Hefner swayed the American nation with selling sex in his magazine publication

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Hugh Hefner -- the harbinger of the sexual revolution in 1960s whose path-breaking men’s magazine ‘Playboy’ set a new trend on urbane bachelor lifestyle – peacefully passed away at his home on Wednesday aged 91. Often called as Puffin, he was an astute entrepreneur who, in addition to publishing one of the world's most successful magazines, built a multi-million dollar business empire -- a conglomeration of clubs, casinos and resorts known as Playboy Enterprises Inc.


The editor, author and a businessman, Hugh M Hefner swayed the American nation with selling sex in his magazine publication. As he said in one of his media interviews earlier, “I would like to be remembered as somebody who has changed the world in some positive way.”  

Entrepreneur India lists the #5 unknown facts about Hefner that made him a successful entrepreneur.


Hefner created a comic-book autobiography called School Daze when he was in high school. He also mentioned in one of the media interviews that he used to contribute cartoons to his college newspaper, The Daily Illini.

Hefner had a creative vision for things in life. He executed ideas to turn it into reality. His creative ideas and strong views drove him to make difference in his work style. 

Thorough Subject Knowledge

Hefner served as an army soldier in World War II. He joined the army as an infantry clerk in 1944, and contributed cartoons for the Army newspaper. Writing for WWII magazine, was his first stint in journalism.  After completing his graduation from the University of Illinois, he began working as a copy-writer for men’s magazine Esquire.

Liberal Thinking 

After the World War II in United States, Hefner dared to launch the Playboy magazine in 1960s. He founded Playboy in 1953 with $600 loan in his pocket taken against his furniture and investment from his family members to launch the magazine, which cost him $8000. Hefner wrote comprehensive articles on fighting censorship and promoting various other libertarian causes to bring a change in ideology.

Undaunted Spirit

In 1985, Hefner suffered a stroke that left him partially paralyzed and unable to speak. He fully recovered. His unwavering passion for doing something innovative helped him recover fast. He then stepped down as the CEO and shifted the magazine’s operations to his youngest daughter, Christie.

His Ravishing Lifestyle

In 1970, Hefner owned a private jet worth $5.5 million, which was not a normal jet. The Big Bunny, as it was called, was a modified 119-foot long DC-9, equipped with a living room, disco, and sleeping quarters suitable for up to 16 people. Hefner was known for his ravishing lifestyle.

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