These New Age Start-ups are Building Solutions for Cardiac Patients

The lifestyle changes that people are adopting seem to be the main reason for the rise in heart problems.

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Heart disease is becoming more and more common these days. According to a report from WHO, 17.7 million people die globally each year from cardiovascular diseases (CVD), amounting to a staggering 31% of all deaths worldwide. In India, CVD is responsible for 3.5 million deaths every year.The lifestyle changes that people are adopting seem to be the main reason for the rise in heart problems. However, following a healthy lifestyle can decrease the risk of developing heart disease.


There are also few start-ups that are developing revolutionary ways to battle heart disease. On World Heart Day, Entrepreneur India takes a look at three start-ups that are developing new ways to help cardiac patients.

Solution for Managing High-risk of Uncontrolled Bleeding

Cardiac patients are often at high-risk of uncontrolled bleeding due to the blood thinners that are administered prior to catheterization procedures. To tackle the problem of uncontrollable bleeding in Cardiac procedures, Axio Biosolutions have come up with Axiostat Vascular. The sponge-like dressing stops profuse bleeding within 2-5 minutes of its application. To remove the dressing all one needs to do is use saline or water to wash it off.

Axiostat is made utilizing a novel biomaterial platform based on 100% chitosan (a natural biomaterial modified for medical application) technology that works on charge interactions between the negatively charged blood components and the positively charged Axiostat.

“Axiostat eliminates the chances of re-bleeding after achieving haemostasis in vascular procedures and is available in multiple sizes,” said Leo Mavely, Founder, and MD, Axio Biosolutions

An AI Technique for ECG analysis

Electrocardiography (ECG) has been the standard method to detect any irregularity in a heartbeat. Though there are many portable ECG devices available in the market, one still needs a skilled cardiologist to interpret the ECG scan and define an intervention plan. But now, because of artificial intelligence (AI), times are changing!

Avin Agarwal and Ashim Roy developed Cardiotrack, a hand-held portable IoT (Internet of Things) device driven by artificial intelligence that uses a patient’s ECG data to diagnose and predict heart conditions. The device helps general physicians in remote areas to easily pick up cardiac irregularities and help them with treatment decisions.

Cardiotrack is a heart-health monitoring platform that enables cardiac monitoring through Android-based smartphones. The heart-health data of the patient is captured in real-time using a 12-lead ECG and the results are displayed on the Android device screen. The ECG report can be printed via any Bluetooth or network connected printer. 

“Our mission is to significantly reduce the cost of diagnosis through technology and innovation. IoT and Artificial Intelligence based cardiac care solutions address key challenges especially in under-served areas where accurate, on-time diagnosis can save millions of lives,” said Ashim Roy, Co-Founder and CEO, Cardiotrack.

To Address the Challenge of Monitoring ECG:

Bengaluru –based Cardiac Design Labs provides efficient cardiac monitoring and diagnosis by deploying intelligent systems that enable automatic remote reporting that saves both time and cost. The start-up has developed intelligent wearable devices running proprietary algorithms and a connected system for real-time access and reporting. Founded in 2011 by Anand Madanagopal, the start-up aims to bring advanced diagnostics to the masses in an affordable way.