Bizarre Tech Innovations in Smartphones You Haven't Heard About

Mobile phone manufacturers have started taking big risks with design and features in order to find a balance between boring and bizarre.

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The smartphones shape and size keep on changing with every passing year. The mobile phone manufacturers have started taking big risks with design and features in order to find a balance between boring and bizarre. With so much variety in the market, it gets challenging to select the best smartphone for you. From a smartphone that keeps mosquitos away to a smartphone that has dual screens, Entrepreneur India brings some unbelievable tech innovations in smartphones that you may not have heard about:


LG K7i: Are you looking for an easy way for mosquito control in India? The LG K7 smartphone with mosquito away technology doesn’t use any chemical refill and keeps the user safe from mosquitoes. The smartphone, launched this week at the India Mobile Congress, comes along with a normal back cover with a speaker and a mosquito away stand. The smartphone can be put on a stand when the mosquito repellent is started. The price of the smartphone is 7,990 INR and soon LG plans to roll it out in other countries.

YotaPhone: YotaPhone is the world’s first dual-screen smartphone with an always-on display. YotaPhone is an entirely new concept in mobile communications, designed to solve users’ frustrations with their current smartphones’ “always-dark” screen. It has been developed by Yota Devices, a private international company dedicated to developing and producing high-tech consumer LTE devices such as smartphones, modems, and routers. By including a second screen that uses electronic paper display (EPD) technology, users have access to the information they want and need on a continual basis without having to wake up their phone. The technology also preserves smartphone battery power.

Project Ara: Project Ara was a modular smartphone project under development by Google. A modular smartphone is a smartphone made using different components that can be independently upgraded or replaced in a modular design. The project was originally headed by the Advanced Technology and Projects team within Motorola Mobility while it was a Google subsidiary. Under its original design, Project Ara was supposed to consist of hardware modules providing common smartphone parts, such as processors, displays, batteries, and cameras, as well as modules providing more specialized components, and "frames" that these modules were to be attached to.

This design would allow a device to be upgraded over time with new capabilities and upgraded without requiring the purchase of an entirely new device, providing a longer lifecycle for the device and potentially reducing electronic waste. However, by 2016, the concept was suspended, resulting in a base phone with non-upgradable core components, and modules providing supplemental features.


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