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Working Vs. Family Relationships

Are your relationships at home helping or hindering your work relationships?

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Behavior is often consistent across settings. Pay attention to how you function both at and away from work to help yourself uncover problems and become a better boss. Answer the following questions yourself and solicit feedback from family members and co-workers to identify your strengths and potential problem areas.

  • How is your management style similar and different from your parenting style?
  • How are your work relationships similar to and different from your sibling relationships?
  • How is the role you play in your family similar to and different from roles you play in your peer groups at work?
  • Do your bad habits play themselves out at work as well as at home?
  • Do you react toward people at work in ways you don't understand? If so, do these people remind you of any family members?

Identifying and articulating the problem will often provide the solution. If it doesn't, you may want to consider seeing a counselor with expertise in workplace issues. If your actions don't seem to be doing much good in either environment, start practicing new behavior at home where you feel safe; when you're ready, you can transfer it to your workplace.