Apple's New Feature IOS 11 Will Let You do Furniture Setting

With new iPhone apps built with AR support, you can now pick the furniture you like and try setting it at different places in your home

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Blimey!!! You know what? Apple’s AR experience is here with IOS 11 and guess what? You don’t need a new iPhone to enjoy this tremendous experience.

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Yes, the outburst of AR came up with iPhone 8 but you never know, the iPhone in your hand can also be a fit for it. Pre-launch of iPhone, the buzz of ARKit and its apps were all around with promises to bring out the virtual things into the real world. Most people carried the opinion that it is just for the new iPhones that are totally wrong.

The series of all three iPhones are quite glittering but iPhone X is not available until November. Meanwhile, iPhone app development company can make their apps ready for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus equipped with featured optimized for AR. Well, iPhone 8 is not that impressive except for its speed boost feature and that it supports AR.

Well, this feature is a boon for those who are very choosy for their furniture setting and move them here and there to get its perfect look. With new iPhone apps built with AR support, you can now pick the furniture you like and try setting it at different places in your home. Mere words won’t be able to convince you but, trust me with AR kit, you feel like you are not moving the furniture from your phone, it feels like you are doing it in real.

New AR Apps are Stunning

We just discussed how easy and amazing furniture adjustment can be with IOS 11. The bright side of this feature is that it can be accessed on iPhone 6S and also on the iPhone 7Plus. Demos are already seen on this devices and they looked quite fantastic. Well, the concept of IOS 11 AR looked so impressive that even the Google was compelled to follow the similar approach with ARCore. Google Tango was also set aside with Apple’s AR. It has probably become the best AR phone, anyone can ever get. Back in the date when Apple conference was held, this seems to be a great deal. In today’s date, this can be considered as the next huge wave of the application development.

Why are iPhone 8 and iPhone X a Better Support to AR?

When you ask what’s new and impressive about both these new Apple device, the answer is very simple. A11 Bionic chip. It has upsurged graphics for maintaining high-level processing need to allow the AR to outburst proper performance along with improved gyro and accelerometer sensors. This will work as a pro in peculiar camera plus motion sensor tracking.

To make both virtual and real-world work in sync, both these features are extremely essential. If you have watched the Apple event and demos shown therein, everything just looked spectacular with AR. Both the devices shown equal effects and it was really difficult to find any difference between the output of both. The glittering part of the iPhone X is that it can capture AR effects even with its front camera. Snapchat is also a lot more interesting with animojis like talking poop and much more.

For a change, this year's update is not exclusively for the newly launched devices. Many more previous devices can have access to these astounding features and make their iPhone use in even more incredible manner. iPhone app development needs to be taken to an entirely different level to make these features accessible. Developers also need to focus on other features like Face ID, new control center, split screen and many more.

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