How This Global Forum Aims to Change the Way we Work Towards our Future

With internationally renowned speakers on its list, the forum aims to talk about building a better environment for the world

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For the universal growth of a company, its leadership needs to be one that’s inclusive in nature. Whether it is a start-up or a corporate, the leader defines the growth of the company. With the rapidly changing culture at work, thanks to technology, it is pertinent that the leaders accept the paradigm shift of the way we work, embrace the changes and evolve with it to build a better future.


Reports even suggest that 40 per cent of the world’s leading companies will not exist in a meaningful way after the next decade if they do not adequately prepare themselves now.

Emphasizing on the need to work towards a better future with intrinsic human values better looked after, the Art of Living Foundation along with the World Forum for Ethics in Business and International Association for Human Values is organizing the Global Leadership Forum 2017 on November 10-11 in Bengaluru.

Creating an Environment for Business

In today’s world, where we are bothered by deadlines and are stressed with the work pressure, it is important to create a conducive environment that makes way for better growth of not just the company but also its employees. The Art of Living operates in over 155 countries and their founder Sri Sri Ravishankar’s vision is to have a stress-free mind by experiencing inner peace. They also have a varied range of corporate programs as well as MSME-focused programs that are bound to bring in a breath of fresh air into the hectic business world. The trick to the same lying in the personal transformation of leaders as well as their employees.

“A leader always walks the last, and makes everyone move ahead. A leader is not meant to create followers, but rather create leaders. This is the concept of Bodhi Sattva. A leader will always seek challenges.  Challenges  inspire you to come up with more enthusiasm and energy beyond your normal capacity. Thinking, discussing, arguing and disagreeing will all lead to something very good –if done with the right intention and purpose for the right cause,” said Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of The Art of Living which is co-hosting GLF 2017.

Bringing the World to India

Putting together a platform for global change, the event aims at bringing globally renowned speakers to instil ideas of transformation in today’s youth. They also look at the government’s role in bringing about a change that manages human and natural resources for a better future. Last year’s Global Leadership Forum, saw participation from over 80 countries with over 4,112 participants. This year also the line-up of eminent speakers has global political leaders as well as corporate behemoths.

Collaboration for the Future

Focusing on working together and creating a symbiotic relationship with ecosystem partners, one of the segments at the event is titled Leadership in an interdependent world - Communities, connections, and collaboration. The session intends to look at creating meaningful relations which will nurture an inclusive work environment. Including talks on sports, music and arts etc., it will give a holistic view into a building a team.

Similarly other segments Wisdom, wellness, and the world - Leading in the time of disruptive and change, Ethics, energy, execution — The excellence edge, Harmony, hope, happiness – Lighting the way forward will talk about leadership begins with the mind.

The sessions also aim to look at how these leaders can get together to create an impact using ancient and modern wisdom for a better environment.  

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