Mix It Up: Experience Over 100 VR-ready Titles With The New Lenovo Explorer

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Lenovo Explorer is a standalone, PC-driven mixed reality headset. With it, you can experience more than 100 VR-ready titles, access the Microsoft Office suite, browse online, watch shows in a virtual home office environment, and watch 3D, 360-degree and 4K videos. It sets up in minutes by connecting a three meter cable to your PC, and weighing in at just 380 grams, the headgear is lightweight and adjustable with flip up spectacles that are large enough to accommodate glasses.

Lenovo Explorer

Lenovo Explorer. Image credit: Lenovo.
Lenovo Explorer achieves spatial recognition using an inside out camera tracking system, whereby tracking takes place inside the device, eliminating the need to place sensors around the physical space. With Lenovo Explorer, you can also experience content with mixed reality on Windows 10: swim with dolphins, tour top travel destinations, or be the hero in an exciting game right in the comfort of your own home.


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