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A Blockchain Specialist Discusses Business, Cryptocurrency and ICOs

A Q+A with Jamil Hasan.
A Blockchain Specialist Discusses Business, Cryptocurrency and ICOs
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Jamil Hasan is a blockchain specialist and ambassador for blockchain sustainability who started his own consultancy firm to consult ICOs on their projects.

Considering that blockchain’s popularity and significance is growing constantly, there is a huge lack of blockchain specialists who can really help. Here is Hasan’s story.

You are a crypto advisor, have consulted numerous of companies for ICOs and now you have opened your own firm. Why did you decide to open it now and what motivated you to start your own business?
I am very excited about the tremendous use cases for Blockchain technology. I have been consulting for many startup projects for the last several months. I have read hundreds of white papers. I have not seen Euphoria in the business startup space globally ever until recently. It’s an incredible time in our global economy.

I have never been so interested in an industry before and I do have a very unique set of skills that enables me to support inventors and entrepreneurs succeed. So I felt the time was right for me to make a business, economic and social impact using my abilities.

You have over 20 years of experience in creating databases from scratch and building technology platforms. Additionally, you help financial institutions with their investments. Could you tell what is your main role at your own company, who are you targeting and how can you help them?
My role varies. My purpose is to create business sustainability for Blockchain technology tokenized companies where the value of their token and company increases for the long run. My consulting focus is before and after the Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

On the pre-ICO side, I help in a variety of ways, from project management of the Blockchain build to helping create the appropriate team. I also perform business viability assessments and consult on the appropriate implementation use case.

Post token I help the tokenized companies create long term sustainable businesses. I’m a data artist and operational efficiency expert. That comes in useful pre-ICO as well. I receive requests to purchase tokens all the time and can easily assess if it’s a company I want to invest in or not. I look at their business and not just the aesthetics of the shiny token. I support and help grow companies with viable operational plans, strong teams and a real business purpose.

You support Teky, AssetToken, Zaahah, and Fortitude Ranch. Could you tell more about these projects and what is your role in them?
I support businesses that seek to make a social, business, and economic difference.

I also support worthwhile quality projects. I’m a Blockchain ambassador for Teky and Asset Token. I lead marketing efforts for Fortitude Ranch. I’ve been an advisor for Zaahah because I believe in developing youths’ life skills and abilities.

Teky is a hallmark company and AAA rated ICO. This company has a stellar team, an awesome business solution and solves a real need in the skills gap in my country. I visited Hanoi in 2004 and it was purely a tourism economy; today with Teky it is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) leader and innovator.

Fortitude Ranch’s CEO is my former business partner Dr. Drew Miller. While he and I did not agree on business methodologies, he has a very solid business with Fortitude Ranch and a great membership opportunity. It’s a Social Impact company focused on helping people during a pandemic or natural disaster.

Asset Token solves a huge financial problem in the western world. Consumers spend a lot on credit cards and those purchases take about 8 to 12 years to pay off. Consumers have been receiving reward points that encourage further spending and more debt. Now, consumers will get to earn tokens with real monetary value. The more these tokens increase in value, the sooner consumers will get to pay off their debts. This process opens a whole new world of opportunities for the highest spending groups of people. The CEO Todd Nichols is a brilliant humanitarian.

I struggle with being an Advisor for Zaahah. In principle I should not. I believe in what the company could represent.

I believe in teaching children how to best use their resources, whether it is money, or friends, or education and skills to further lessons of accountability, relationships, responsibility, and other intangible life lessons.

I was the “prodigal son” in the 1990’s. I had very little money, yet I managed to get drunk and party nearly every night. I mostly drank Bud Light and cheap whiskey. If I had more money then I would have drank Heineken and top shelf scotch. I still would have drank and partied. I lacked responsibility. I hadn’t learned it yet.

Today we have two major youth epidemics: opioids and teenage homicides in major cities. These two areas could be addressed with Blockchain for Social Impact. I believe that with proper vision Zaahah could just be the leader in this realm.

You are also a speaker and an educator in blockchain technologies. Do you run your own lectures and classes or how does it work if one wants to learn about blockchain?
My speaking profile can be found at My chapter book is coming out at the end of November.

I am working on an educational program. I’m helping some business colleagues understand Blockchain. I’m helping folks in Connecticut with building the local ecosystem in my state.

I talk in detail about the Bitcoin ecosystem and can now discuss some really great global social impact projects for Blockchain to educate the general population.

As you have worked with Fortune 100 companies, could you tell some insights of what regular companies are missing in their business execution and how easy or hard is it to fix their problems?
Hasan: Initial Coin Offerings fail at a 95% rate. Most receive some sort of funding; most return no value.

There are often quite a few core things missing in an ICO that fails within the first three years, whether or not the company has a solid public relations or marketing plan. These include a viable operational business, qualified managers, prior industry knowledge or experience, the ability to either think or execute strategically, understanding industry competitors, or effectively positioning the business. They also include building a Blockchain not technical enough or too much of a focus on sophisticated technology.

I feel my skills fit the industry perfectly. I am both technical and artistically creative. I sit in the middle of executives, finance and operations, and technical coders and bridge the gap. Most ICOs are looking to make a quick buck. I’m looking to contribute my skills and abilities to support the business sustainability of Blockchain companies.

I can help these companies overcome major issues, but they must have genuine intent to use the Blockchain for growth and business creation, not for just putting capital in their own pockets.

You are also working on Pre-ICO and Post-ICO projects. Could you tell more about it? How does it work and what do you do exactly?
I do what’s needed. I work in the trenches. I do real work. I earn my pay.

I create. I leave the actual raise for those who can raise. I create data organizations, efficient operations, sustainable business plans, positioning opportunities, and viable businesses.

My work and payment model is simple. I get paid for my relationships, my time and either commission on sales or bonus on performance. I accept fiat for pay. If I want tokens I’ll buy them, except those companies I have a position and choose to do it for tokens because I believe in their Impact for society. They’ll need to have tremendous benefit to my community like Teky and Asset Token.

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