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On A Roll

Dymo-Caster's LabelWriter Turbo label printer

If you outsource all your direct mail because you don't think there's a fast and efficient way to do it yourself, think again. The LabelWriter Turbo can print 30 labels per minute, and its design makes it easy to load labels-even when switching label sizes in the middle of a roll. The printer comes bundled with Dymo Label Software, which allows users to create their own templates or access more than 40 predefined templates covering most labeling needs. Frequently used names and addresses can be stored in a built-in list manager, or the software can be integrated directly into the toolbars of GoldMine, Microsoft Word, Outlook or Symantec's ACT! The LabelWriter Turbo can also be used to affix Internet Postage from such vendors as E-Stamp and

LabelWriter Turbo
(203) 661-9700
Street price: $250

This story appears in the August 2000 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »