If You Have an Innovative Idea, Attend This Techno–Management Fest

IIT-Kharagpur's Techno–Management Fest KSHITIJ is every techie's dream
If You Have an Innovative Idea, Attend This Techno–Management Fest
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Assignments, classes, group projects, exams... there are many things that keep a college student occupied. But, amidst all the academic hustle and bustle, there comes a time when students let their hair down. Yes, we are talking about the annual college fests. This isn’t just time for merriment, but also the time to learn and interact as students from colleges across India make their way to one campus.

IIT Kharagpur’s Premier Techno–Management Fest

Talking about college fests, how can one miss out on India’s premier engineering institute – IIT. Ever since its inception in 2004, IIT-Kharagpur's KSHITIJ has grown exponentially to become the largest symposium of its kind in Asia. This year’s edition - Kshitij 2018 - is scheduled to be held from 19th-21st January 2018.

The festival comprises a diverse array of highly competitive, technical and managerial events which welcomes the participation of the best brains of leading engineering and management institutes from all across the country and even from abroad.

Technically, it’s All Fun!

Sticking true to the essence of learning with fun, IIT Kharagpur’s annual fest KSHITIJ has an agenda to convert the most interesting tech topics into games and competitions. This enables a student to put in theoretical knowledge into practical use with all the fun intact.

This year’s edition of the festival has over 33 events spread across nine genres. From a real stock market game played with virtual money to a Business Planning competition and even a war between robots, the fest is filled with events designed to challenge your technical skills. Coders too have a reason to be excited. An ACM Certified Night Long Programming competition could be of your interest or even an event where the code is flipped and needs to be backtracked.

What’s at Stake? Money, Honey! All of the events have cash prizes, some which even go up to Rs 2 lakhs!

Apart from all the festivities, workshops conducted by Microsoft, Google, Nvidia are sure to benefit the students in a big way. 

Why You Should Attend: Ground for Innovation

The roots of most of the startups in India can be traced to one of the IITs in the country. IITs are known to be the ground for innovation. The latest example is the IIT Delhi innovation, Nasofilter – a filter designed in a way to go up your nose and protect you from the air pollution in Delhi. And the best part? It’s available for just 10 bucks.

So, from bright discussions to ideas potent enough to be the Ubers or Facebooks of tomorrow, fests like this bring together the best brains of the country, to ideate and build products together. For students looking for a common place to meet mentors and peers who could encourage them or their idea, or even those who want to try their hand at building products of the future, should make use of these platforms.

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