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Getting Part-Time Workers To Put Out Full-Time Effort

Here are some ways to get part-time workers to give 100 percent.

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  • Introduce new part-timers to your full-time staff. This builds a foundation for the part-time employee. Give the part-timer a tour of your facility and explain what the company does and what its goals are.
  • Provide benefits. Make your part-time employees eligible for the same benefits full-timers receive, such as insurance, vacation and tuition reimbursement. Most companies prorate their benefits based on hours worked-usually a minimum of 20-so what part-timers receive is comparable to what is given to full-timers.
  • Train them. Everyone needs to be adequately trained to do their job, no matter how many hours they work. Provide ongoing training to enhance and expand their skills beyond basic job knowledge.
  • Create an inclusive environment. Create an environment that makes part-timers feel they're worthwhile and productive. If you give gifts at holidays or recognize birthdays for full-timers, do so for part-timers as well. Invite part-timers to participate in company social events.
  • Develop career paths. Although many part-timers choose to work on a temporary basis because it suits their needs, a significant number of them are looking for advancement opportunities. Take the time to find out what their skills and goals are, and, if possible, develop a plan for growth within your company that will let them use their skills and meet their goals.