8 Reasons why Residue Free Farming is Gaining Ground in India

It is the moral responsibility of each and every individual to promote awareness of the benefits of consuming residue free products that are fresh
8 Reasons why Residue Free Farming is Gaining Ground in India
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Executive Director, Earth Food
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In the recent years, it has been observed that health emerged as a top priority for the majority of the human population, thanks to the ever-widening sphere of technology. In today’s world, staying fit and healthy has become the need of the hour which has ultimately created the need of having a very health-friendly diet for the masses. This need in one way has also created an opportunity for entrepreneurs to enter the field of residue-free farming.

The term residue free farming can be best explained as the use of organically derived biocides and biofertilizers to protect the crops and augment their growth. In order to meet the expected standards of the consumers, it is necessary to integrate the process of residue-free farming. The process of growing the produce starts form crop selection-land preparation- seed selection - seed sowing- irrigation- crop growth-harvesting- grading - packaging - transportation- Retail Outlets/Customers. Considering the benefits of residue-free farming, the following are 8 reasons that best describe why residue free farming is gaining ground in India.

Health Conscious:

“Eat healthy and stay active” has been the mantra that has been commonly practised by the majority of the population. It is now however essential to understand that the demand for fresh food that is nutrient rich and that would enhance the quality of life has seen a sizeable increase. Keeping the same in mind it is significant to understand the concept of farm to fork which deals with the fact of reducing/minimizing the human handling of the product which in turn would enhance the quality of the produce.

Fresh Farm Produce:

Most of the products sold today are full of chemicals/preservatives used to prolong the shelf life of fruits and vegetables but in the process, they pose health hazards to people consuming them. Good health is life’s greatest blessing and fresh produce go a long way in maintaining a balanced healthy life. They are rich in nutrients and antioxidants and are much more flavorful as compared to the ones with residue/chemicals. They contain natural sugar which is not detrimental to your health and wellbeing. Apart from being nutritious and tasty, farm fresh produce are ready to eat the minute you receive them. When you buy these vegetables, you’re receiving the yield in its highest form.


In today’s era where technology plays a pivotal role in the lives of individuals, People have become much more aware of the extreme use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and the hazards posed by them. It thus becomes the moral responsibility of each and every individual to promote the awareness of the benefits of consuming residue free products that are fresh and maintain their appearance, flavor and nutrients without any kind of bioengineering. The produce also boosts immunity, provides energy and is devoid of chemicals, dyes or preservatives.

Lifestyle Change:

Life comes full circle and the same is observed when it comes to our lifestyles. Looking back around five decades, the consumption pattern was drastically different and limited as compared to today when global cuisines are now available at a touch of a button. Globalization, revolution in agriculture and advanced technology have all contributed to the ever-evolving food patterns in India. Due to the advent of social media and the ill effects of consuming food with high chemical residue, there has been a sizeable increase in the demand of residue free produce by the generation Y millennials that are typically the main consumers of these products


Doing everything in moderation is the key to maintain a healthy and a fit lifestyle. It is essential to understand that consuming food that retains their nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and fiber, have many health benefits and help to keep the body, mind and soul hale and hearty.

Medical Purpose:

Consumption of chemically treated food has always beard a high risk of diseases like leukemia, prostate cancer and lymphoma. It has been widely observed that People having food allergies or some kind of dietary restrictions, residue free products work best for them as they are devoid of any toxic sprays.

Protect Soil Fertility:

One of the major cause of concern in the agriculture segment has been that of the detoreriating quality of the soil. The primary reason attributed to this stage has been the extensive abuse of chemical fertilizers. It is a highly imperative point that needs to be understood is the depleting fertility of the soil ultimately results in decreased nutritional value of the product, thus creating a pessimistic impact on the health of the individuals consuming the product. Hence it is highly advisable to empower the technique of residue free farming which would in one way enhance the quality of the soil and would be beneficial for the end consumer as well.

Modern day Agri-technologies:

India being an agriculture driven economy, There has always been a significant emphasis on this segment. In today’s generation, there has been no sector left which is devoid of technology and agriculture is no different. The impact of advance technology has created a major boost for the sector. By adopting modern day agri-technologies like greenhouses, drip irrigation system, fertigation, ifm- integrated fertilizers management, ipm- integrated pest management, residue free production, rain water harvesting, high density plantation, contour farming, waste land utilization, etc., it becomes relatively easy to maintain the quality of the produce and also add to its nutritional value.

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