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Internet Marketing Musts

You've got Web traffic, but are people visiting more than once? See how a simple newsletter can get the return traffic you want.

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When it comes to marketing on the Internet, creating and maintaining a Web site is only the first step. Electronic newsletters or discussion lists are a must. The Web is a passive medium; visitors have to type in your address to go to your Web site. Unless you remind people you're out there, you just have to hope they'll remember to come back. Newsletters can offer special-interest information to subscribers to stimulate returns to your Web site for more in-depth information. Below are some tips for creating a successful newsletter:

  • Collect subscriber e-mail addresses on your home page rather than on a page buried deep in your site.
  • The shorter your registration form, the more likely it is to be completed.
  • When creating your newsletter, place hard returns after every 60 characters or so and keep it in plain text, or it may get garbled.
  • Send the newsletter out frequently to keep readers interested.
  • Record the date when each person subscribes to avoid unfounded accusations of spamming.