If you're an Entrepreneur, Your First Venture is Just the Beginning

The founder of India's first B2B e-commerce platform for hospitality sector reveals how he mastered the technique of spurring up the growth of e-commerce companies in India

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Passion is what you can't stop doing, tells Amit Shukla, the Founder, and CEO of Pursuite, India's first B2B e-commerce platform for the hospitality sector.

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For a successful entrepreneur, the journey doesn't stop at his first venture. It rather becomes a continuous process for lifetime. Similarly, when Amit Shukla chanced upon an idea of starting up an online B2B solution space for hospitality procurements after the exemplary success of his first venture, he was clear of his entrepreneurial goals.

Giving a befitting start to his career, Shukla began his corporate journey working with popular companies like Myntra and Zapak.com. It helped him attain a profound knowledge and expertise in solving business bottlenecks through the internet.

Fast forward a few years, when he got a chance to transform a small startup into an established entity, he turned the fortunes of the online fashion portal KOOVS with his master skills in cross-platform technologies and business management.

The success story of KOOVS motivated Shukla to start up his own venture. But his vision for his own business venture was certainly different.

In 2017, adding another feather to his cap, Shukla founded India's first online solution space for hospitality procurement - Pursuite.com.

In a chat with Entrepreneur India, Amit Shukla touched upon the highs and lows of his journey and shared his incredible execution technique of running a successful business.

Learning from first business

Recounting his experiences at KOOVS, Shukla spoke about how he executed what he had learned in his previous ventures. Talking about the importance of every opportunity we get at work, he said, "The chance to build up a business from scratch into a sustainable entity is a luxury not many entrepreneurs manage, which is unfortunate because every such opportunity provides invaluable learning experiences."

After the excellent work of Shukla as CTO at KOOVS, the e-commerce brand started offering its own private label apart from 150 major international brands on its portal.

"Being an e-commerce fashion portal, the company provided me the unique opportunity to observe the entire supply flow from vendor to warehouse to shipping and finally to the customer, in the fashion sector," revealed Shukla.

The Right Execution Technique

When the ex-CTO, Shukla was looking to start up his own business venture, he witnessed a burgeoning opportunity in the hospitality sector. The absence of e-commerce space in hospitality industry clicked to Shukla. And he aimed to transform the hospitality industry with an online portal. This is when Pursuite.com got incepted.

The e-marketplace, Pursuite aims at transforming the B2B hospitality procurement space for buyers as well as suppliers across the country by not only improving their bottom lines but also by managing sales and procurement processes in a simpler and transparent way.

The platform promises the functions that no other online portal in the hospitality industry has given to the users yet. From inventory tracking to menu planning, the portal is a one-stop shop for hospitality businesses.

When asked about his idea of employing e-commerce in procurement, Shukla said, "With an e-commerce platform, the hospitality industry can re-engineer and leverage their purchasing for better information, efficiency and also bring down 'maverick' spending on middlemen, crisis deals etc. This means improved buying power, labor cost savings, increased predictability, improved audit control and access to other vendor networks for all parties involved."

The company is being supported by a stellar line of investors from industry, which include Space Matrix Group, Moglix, Mobikon, and Livspace Group.

Shukla has also been a key mentor to several startups, and has helped them in harvesting technologies and scaling operations to handle high traffic volumes across all internet domains.