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Seasonal Marketing

See how you can use the retail calendar as a promotional tool for your company.

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How do holidays affect your business? The retail calendar can offer opportunities for many businesses to create innovative and effective promotions. The following steps will help you look at this marketing tool in a new light:

  • Plan ahead. Regardless of how you use the retail calendar, give yourself enough time to create effective promotions. Start by looking three to six months ahead to determine how you can capitalize on what's to come.
  • Examine your customers' buying habits and think creatively. Each holiday or season fosters its own buying habits. Create gift certificates or service packages that would be useful, unique or unconventional.
  • Look for publicity opportunities. Think of such ideas as a hot-dog eating contest for Independence Day, declaring the most romantic couple for Valentine's Day and the messiest house for spring cleaning. Be sure, however, that your efforts are appropriate for your target audience and marketing goals.
  • Make your own holiday. If you're tired of the same old celebrations, check out Chase's Calendar of Events to find a new one. This comprehensive listing contains more than 12,000 entries, including celebrity birthdays, astrological phenomena, culinary celebrations and festivals from around the world. If you still can't find one, declare your own.