Donald Trump Jr Eyes India as the Next Leader for Real Estate

Indian market is the second biggest for the Trump Organization, in terms of the number of projects

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Two words can best describe the past week in India – business and politics. With top dignitaries from across the world flying into the country, international media too turned to what’s happening in India. Flagged off by the visit of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau mired in controversies to Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi talking about flying cars and ending with Donald Trump Jr. talking business in India.

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And like everything in the country, Trump Jr’s visit too wasn’t far from controversies. Starting with a remark about how he likes India’s poor people because they smile to leveraging his father’s name for business, there were many questions raised about his India visit. But Trump Jr. himself left the country saying he preferred the “nice and fair” Indian media over its American counterparts.

In the country for the formal go-ahead of the Trump towers in Delhi NCR, Trump Jr. met with billionaires of the country, some of whom have already booked their spots in the luxurious apartments.

India – the Second Biggest Market for the Trumps

Talking about India’s fast-growing real estate sector, Trump Jr. said that the Indian market is the second biggest for their company, in terms of the number of projects. In partnership with the Trump organization, Indian real estate developers build luxury homes with the Trump Tower brand.  

In an interview with a leading television channel, Trump Jr. said that he’s here as a businessman and not to discuss political affairs. Calling India an important international market, he said that he has been in the country several times for business and has built personal relationships over the years.

Modi, the Friend

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump share cordial relations. While Trump Jr. cancelled a US foreign policy speech, he did speak about Modi at a press event in Kolkata. He said that reforms during Modi’s regime are corrections in the right direction. He added that earlier, the promises made by the government were not kept which often resulted in foreign investors staying away from India.

While he admitted that some reforms might make it difficult for real estate developers to function but it was time to make those changes. However, Trump Jr added that he believes these reforms will further boost the confidence of foreign investors as now they know “what they are buying is what they are going to get”.

Business with Billionaires

The lavish apartments in the Trump Towers, Gurgaon have a price range of USD 775,000 and USD 1.5 million. So, it was no surprise that when newspapers ran front-page ads saying that people who buy apartments in the luxury complex will get a chance to interact with Trump Jr., billionaires would fill the hall. In a fireside chat with a room filled with dignitaries from the government and the who’s who from the business community, Trump Jr spoke about how he has distanced himself from politics.


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