Important Marketing Tactics Solopreneurs Should Follow

Connecting with the customers emotionally in a business is very important if you want to make them permanent ones and don't let them plunge to your competitors

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I know the first thought hitting your mind is the term in the title, solopreneur. What is this term? Let me clear that out for you, soloprenreur is nothing else but an entrepreneur who is doing a business solo without any partner. I am not saying they do everything by themselves as business needs people. They do hire contractors and outsource some of the work, but the burden of routine activities is on the shoulder of one person only. Let’s portray it in some other way, you have your vision, you create a mission to convert that vision into reality and you also accomplish the mission all by yourself.


While you are on this journey doing all this single-handedly, you can partner up with the ones having the similar dreams to fulfill or outsource some of the portions of the work. Solopreneurs do have a bulk of responsibilities on their head but attached with that they also enjoy the professional and financial liberties. Solo business can be difficult and to make people aware of the business and to grab more customers can be difficult. So, how exactly to market such business and what this solopreneur should do to market his/ her business? If you are into mobile app development business or any kind of software development business, then digital marketing is the right thing to go for.

How Digital Media Affects Marketing?

Digital marketing is not a limited area, the digger you deep, the more you will find. Let’s name a few to give you a better idea; there is twitter marketing, Facebook marketing, LinkedIn marketing, online forums and the list never ends.

Speaking about LinkedIn, it’s a professional platform to find contacts relevant to your industry and share knowledge and create the bond. Coming to online forums, it is the perfect marketing strategy to reach out to your target audience. Blogs are also one of the effective medium of marketing your business. Being a solopreneur, you can’t reach out to as many customers as you would like to without having your own website.

Let’s Mark Some of the Prominent Marketing Tactics:

Create a Social Media Presence and Make it Strong

For the solopreneurs, their name is their identity and they need to make that identity strong and popular. You have to strive hard to post your presence everywhere and also fill your social media with fresh content to keep attracting new visitors and maintain the old ones as well. Get on every popular social network and analyze which platform benefits you the most and from where you can grab more customers.

Spread the Word

If blog posting is the way you have tried for marketing, then just posting the blog is not where it ends. Being a solopreneur, you need to make your every minute count. Being solo, you can’t write plenty of posts for every different platform. So, write a single post and publish it on a single platform, but share it on every platform. Make your content work in as many ways as possible.

Mobile Apps

The current era is all about the apps. You cannot think of boosting your business without mobile apps. Of course, having a website for the business is preliminary, but mobile apps are all public expects these days. If you don’t have invested in mobile apps, then you can at least invest in AMP (Accelerated mobile pages).

Share Your Story and Inspiration

Connecting with the customers emotionally in a business is very important if you want to make them permanent ones and don’t let them plunge to your competitors. You can make a more friendly approach and reveal your personal story of how you became a solopreneur, what hardships did you go through? What ups and downs did you face? How you reach the level where you are today? Try these things and your customers will find a connection with you.