How to Survive a Day Filled With Back-to-back Meetings Without Going Crazy

Back to Back meetings in a day can be really tiresome.

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Ever wondered what a day in the life of an entrepreneur actually looks like? From preparing for investors meetings to convincing clients, there’s so much to do and so little time. Even when they don’t want to, their days get scheduled with back-to-back meetings that leave them stressful and unproductive. They can be boring and dull but it’s almost impossible to skip them.


Nevertheless, we have some smart tips to help you survive endless meetings without being crazy:

Lift Your Mood With Music:

Back to Back meetings in a day can be really tiresome. It takes away a lot of mental as well as physical productivity as we go on. But one can always find ways to keep the body and mind fresh and fluttering. Tuhin Roy, Founder, JUMPINGGOOSE (R) suggests to listen to some good music in some ‘me-time’ between meetings.

“ It’s a proven fact that listening to music uplifts the mood and affects our emotions, so put yourself in a great mood while you’re hopping from one meeting to the other by popping on some music that you know will get you pumped. Better yet create a playlist of such music to stay ahead of your game. Also, keep a list of browsing websites ready that might interest you or help you relax and focus. Giving yourself those extra few minutes to do something you truly enjoy tricks the brain into feeling more positive and productive,” shared Roy

Take Time to Relax :

On the contrary, Shruti Mehrotra, Founder, Mihuru advices to avoid meetings at far off locations as it takes away valuable time. Instead she feels one should try a conference call or a video call.

“Ensure meetings end on time and there is time for short breaks in the middle to re-energise. Also remember your day only has 24 hours and not more, so relax when you have the opportunity,” said Mehrotra.

Organise Your Life With Mobile Apps:

 According to Gaurav Burman, VP & Country President, India, 75F, the key to getting through to nonstop meetings is staying organized.

His day is always different. While trying his best to live a well-rounded life, he is also actively involved in the day to day business, sales, marketing, people management, and partner management and technology decisions in his company.

“I am a big proponent of using technology. Primarily my smartphone and a host of mobile apps keep me connected on schedule and increase my effectiveness in and outside the office. Wunderlist, Evernote, Trello, there is a long list of other apps that help me plan, prioritize, catalogue and optimize my day. And it's not just me,  it's a company-wide practice!,” said Burman.

Good Time Management:

Frequent meetings and appointments are inevitable and to efficiently manage these, time management and productivity are key. For Sudeep Anandapuram, Co-Founder & CEO at Zippserv, one needs to prioritize and triage the meetings according to importance.

“Planning according to what needs attention and what will help in streamlining activities for the day. Another useful aspect is to focus on the outcome or ROI of the meeting. Revisiting the meeting time, effective note-taking and engaging proactively in discussion, all of these will ensure a positive outcome,” he said.