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Free Report: The 'Now Economy' and Your Supply Chain

Overcoming disruption with innovative strategies.

For many, it’s rare to go a week and not receive a package at their door. And for some, we’ve gone from waiting 7-10 days for an order to sometimes less than two hours.


The way we shop has changed with how fast our fingertips can press the checkout button. It’s a phenomenon called the “Now Economy.”

While online orders make up a small percentage of overall retail sales, it’s growing fast--ecommerce sales grew 15.1 percent year-over-year in 2016, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce.

To keep pace, supply chain managers are adjusting strategies to keep their loyal customers. After all, getting that packaged order to a customer’s doorstep is far more complex than it was five years ago, and that complexity is growing at a more rapid pace.

In this report, you’ll learn about the tools and strategies that allow supply chains to not only keep up with the “Now Economy,” but also meet customer demands and lower their cost to operate.

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