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The 4 Best Tweets About Mark Zuckerberg's Congressional Testimony: Which Is Your Favorite?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's trip to Congress held massive implications for the future of social media ... and plenty of comedic opportunity.


When Mark Zuckerberg came to Congress to testify before the Senate and House of Representatives, it seemed like all of America stopped to take note. It had been three years since Cambridge Analytica used stolen Facebook data, two years since Zuckerberg dismissed the idea that Facebook had swayed the election and just one year after the company admitted that tens of millions of people had been served fake ads during the 2016 presidential election. The future of Facebook and social media in general could be impacted by Zuckerberg's testimony. 

The Washington Post | Getty Images
Mark Zuckerberg testifies at Congress.

Many of the people wanted answers to important questions, like whether Congress would decide to create regulations, protecting data and potentially making it more difficult for Facebook to serve targeted ads. Others couldn't help but notice some smaller, sillier moments that might make you smile despite everything.

We've embedded four of our favorite tweets below, and you can vote in our poll at the bottom to decide which is the best of the bunch.

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"Senator" supercut

If you watched Zuckerberg's testimony, you'll no doubt have noticed the Facebook co-founder's tendency to start every sentence with either "Senator" (when addressing questions from the Senate on Tuesday) or "Congressman" or "Congresswoman" (when addressing questions from the House of Representatives on Wednesday). Buzzfeed chopped together the Tuesday footage to make a "Senator" supercut, which will get stuck in your head. So don't say we didn't warn you.

Humans drink water

What is there to say about this GIF that the caption doesn't already say? Zuckerberg is known for being stiff or robotic, and it's obvious even in a quick clip like this one.

Smile settings

If you've ever created an avatar or character in a video game, you can't help but like this GIF, in which Mike Tokes added a ruler that regulates Zuckerberg's smile. It makes you think Zuckerberg might actually be a robot, and that everything around you might just be synthetic, and that we might all just be living in the Matrix, and (breathes heavily into a bag) ....

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Maybe Myspace Tom is the real success story

Myspace might not have had the long-term success some envisioned in the early days of social media, but it's not all bad for Tom Anderson. At least he didn't have to spend two grinding days in front of Congress, testifying about whether his company should be more heavily regulated moving forward. So, in a way, maybe Myspace Tom is the real success story in all this. 

Which Mark Zuckerberg tweet was your favorite?

Vote to tell us which one you liked best.

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