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Doing Business Overseas Part 2

Follow these tips to tackle your next overseas trip.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

6. Hedge your bets. Offset the risks of travel with adequate insurance. Traveling may be expensive, but insurance to protect you and your business in case you get sick on the road generally isn't. Figure on spending about $100 per year for the most comprehensive coverage.

Insider tip: Insuring your entire company or family is often cheaper than buying coverage for an individual.

7. Get your shots. This will keep you from getting sick on the road and having to use that travelers' insurance. Researching a country's endemic diseases is extremely important because certain immunizations require more than one dose to ensure effectiveness. Travelers should allow at least 30 days before their trip to secure all necessary shots or medications.

Insider tip: If you've never been a frequent flier, it's a good idea to see your doctor for a checkup, even if you're traveling to a well-developed country.

8. Pack like a pro. If you're going to live out of your suitcase, at least make it livable. Buy a durable carry-on bag, and invest in industrial-strength luggage. Never put all your important travel documents in a single bag; spread the risk among your entire luggage.

Insider tip: Stuff your socks in your shoes. It conserves space.

9. Stay sane on the plane. Don't board a flight without the following items: a carry-on bag packed with a sleeping mask, earplugs, saline solution (if you wear contact lenses), moisturizer, lip balm, pain reliever, bottled water, a snack and, of course, something to keep you busy (a book or paperwork). Drink lots of fluids, and stay away from caffeine and alcohol. They both dehydrate you.

Insider tip: Try noise-canceling headphones. They really work.

10. Behave. International airlines are cracking down on passengers who misbehave. And there are discussions of limiting the number of alcoholic drinks served to passengers.

Insider tip: Book a seat next to the bulkhead, where there's less chance of an in-flight incident.