Five Ways Indian Startups Can Have a Positive Impact on the Environment

With the help of technology, startups can further help the environment while simultaneously reduce costs as well.

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Creating a positive impact on the society is possibly the most spoken about topic these days. While there are many CSR initiatives doing just that, what we need is companies with a sustainable plan who are ensuring a clean and green India. With the startup boom in India exponentially growing, here are five ways in which Indian startups have a positive impact on the environment.


Reducing Waste

By reducing waste generated, the need to reuse and recycle it automatically reduces too! The idea of a circular economy, or an economy that is based on restoration and regeneration, is gaining traction. Brands that manufacture clothing, technology, and other goods have also been looking to extend their products’ lifecycles.

Switching to Environmentally Friendly Materials

Not only does this help bring down costs but also ensure products that are detrimental to the planet are not generated in the first place. Plastics, in particular, are very harmful to the environment and the planet’s health. By reducing plastics, recycling or switching to other materials altogether, startup’s can reduce their negative impact on the environment.

Going Green with Technology

With the help of technology, startups can further help the environment while simultaneously reduce costs as well. Office paper and supplies can be avoided by going digital. Electrical wastage can be avoided with the help automation that turns off appliances when not in use or required. These small steps go a long way in helping reduce carbon footprints as well as unnecessary wastage.

Pursuing Green Waste Managemen Even after switching to greener methods, waste is still going to exist. By choosing to manage waste responsibility and prioritizing the environment, not only do we reduce pollution and become more sustainable but directly affect the health of all those around us positively. 

Switching to Clean Energy

While it may not be as easy to cut back on energy consumption immediately, a sure shot way to help is to ensure the energy used is generated from a clean source. The installation of solar panels at the office is a simple and effective way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Almost any roof can utilize solar energy.

While names like Refreshed Car Care, The Alternate Currents and Picostone are doing their bit we need more and more entrepreneurs to come forward and make efforts towards efficiently making a positive impact on our planet.