Out Of The Closet

What do their closets say about these three successful entrepreneurs?
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James Morel, 29, founder/president of -based postcard-printing company 1-800-POSTCARDS

While his clothes closet, full of hip button-up shirts, says "I don't care who you are-I'm wearing this leopard-print number," it also shouts "Order!" But more telling is Morel's vitamin closet (right), which he says often "freaks people out." Get the feeling, like we do, that those bottles are about to salute? Well, according to general manager Raffaele, Start-Ups' April 1999 cover boy is an easy-going, funny guy, but he's definitely result-oriented, has "little patience for extraneous bull@#*!" and is "a little scary" until you know him. Says Morel, "I am never satisfied and always working on improving operations."

Tracey Pettengill, 29, founder/CEO of 4charity.com, a San Francisco for-profit venture that offers Web-based services to philanthropy-driven businesses and hosts an online charity mall

See those naked hangers? Their counterparts are in Pettengill's "work closet," aka the pile of clothes by her desk. But that's year two of a start-up for you: zero weekly "me-time" and maybe 50 percent on the weekends. As for the silk jackets, floral dresses and match-almost-everything black shoes, Pettengill admits is about as important as avoiding an indecent exposure charge. But, she says, "What I wear definitely influences how I feel about my work, so I dress according to my approach to the day."

Amy Sacco, 32, owner of restaurant/bar/lounge Lot 61, favorite haunt of New York City's beautiful people

Amy Sacco has throngs of amazing . "Imelda [Marcos] had nothing on me," quips Sacco of her 60 pairs of shoes. They're extremely orderly, too-most are in their original boxes, while her favorites are in plastic, roll-out cases. It's not accidental: Sacco's mentor always told her a successful life starts with knowing how to organize your closet. Sacco claims the rest of her house (also her office) looks very post war until she returns the previous night's "no" outfits to her closet. Luckily, she can "get away with murder" at Lot 61, wearing anything from a fake tattoo, cowboy boots and a trucker to stilettos, a skirt and a tank. But if she wants to ink a deal, it's the navy blue, pinstriped Gucci pantsuit with high heels in which she stands about 6 feet 4 inches. Laughs Sacco: "It's like a mafia suit. It's very intimidating. They can't say no."

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1-800-POSTCARDS, (310) 820-8668, www.1800postcards.com.


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