Entrepreneurship of Today: Easy Ways to Turn Edupreneurs and Guide Students

It is important to teach lateral thinking to students of today

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Entrepreneurship today is undoubtedly all about starting businesses to solve societal problems at large. Here, the focus and the entrepreneur’s ability to offer easy yet unconventional solutions are the highlights. In this regard, an easy approach to solving a bigger problem;  is turning Edupreneur; the problem being solved is the skill gaps existing within today’s students preventing them from academic and societal achievements.


Edupreneurship this year has received a fillip in the form of numerous edu-tech startups mushrooming throughout the country, to offer technology-driven educational solutions to aid students in academics. Now, to turn edupreneurs, you would not need a physical office setup, enormous teaching staff, and high-end educational equipments.

Check out 5 easy ways in which you could turn edupreneur, in 2018 (apart from turning a full time educator), to fuel your passions of actually guiding students towards both academic as well as professional successes:

  • Convert your living room into a classroom: Find out when your living room is freely available, utilize the space and make simple arrangements for a fixed number of students to come in and have their lessons taught. You would not need a blackboard or a whiteboard; but it would be ideal if you could bring these in. Nonetheless, you could easily teach a small/large number of students unconventional learning methods to master their lessons, from the comfort of your living room.

  • Turn EduTubers: YouTube is another technology-driven medium which you can harness to teach students innovative learning skills to master their academics. Through YouTube, you are ensured of both PAN-India as well as global reachability. You could teach right from your room, live stream this onto YouTube (or record and upload afterwards) for students to view. You could also offer contact details, with the YouTube video, for students to get back in case of queries.

  • Offer expertise as guests:  If you are an academician, or have sufficient knowledge on a subject, you could volunteer to teach as a guest faculty member, or could even hold freelance workshops (could be at your house as well) such that your innovative teaching methodology reaches students who are able to excel in academics.

  • Compose articles, blogs: With writing being viewed as a key skill for entrepreneurs in 2018, it should do you a world of good to put your academic expertise across in the form of articles (for both print as well as online publications). You could also start a blog of your own to cater exclusively to students.  The online platform offers the best opportunity to put forth unconventional techniques.

  • Turn motivational speaker: Now, this is an unconventional manner of turning edupreneurs, but it is important to motivate students to inculcate unconventional and lateral thinking aspects to easily master their academics. The best platform to indulge in these activities is a stage set for motivational speaking; you could also do this over the internet. Through motivational speaking, you could ensure students don’t fear failure and exams, and study for knowledge rather than external factors.