Infographic: A Visual Guide To A Meeting Agenda That Actually Works

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It’s not a surprise that the word “meeting” often elicits sighs and groans in the workspace, given the number of instances such gatherings go completely off-track and hardly solve a purpose. Even as an MIT Sloan Management Review study suggests that meetings have increased in length and frequency over the past 50 years, the trend doesn’t seem to show any sign of dying out. In such a scenario, financial enterprise The Business Backer has come up with a concise (and seemingly effective) nine-step agenda to boost meeting productivity in an infographic titled A Visual Guide to a Meeting Agenda That Actually Works.


Suggesting that the starting point of any meeting should be to review the agenda itself, the infographic also advises enterprises to clearly state the expected outcome of the meeting to prevent going off on a tangent. Noting that each item on the agenda must be assigned a realistic time frame, the guide also states that each item must be assigned a leader responsible for managing the said discussion. Offering more such useful pointers, the infographic concludes by saying that there’s a good chance you might start looking forward to meetings, once you are able to implement some or all of these tips.

Check out the infographic below for the detailed guide.