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What is Invacio and Where Does it Fit Into the Real World of Technology and Data?

Invacio is, at heart, an artificial intelligence company with additional technologies (namely Zero-knowledge protocol and Blockchain) connected in a variety of ways. The primary and central pillar of our organisation is their multifaceted AI system (Jean), Jean pulls in data and information from across the globe in a myriad of forms (satellite data, financial exchange date, historical databases, social media etc).

Courtesy of Invacio

Then, utilizing a wide variety of machine learning and script based AI programs, the data is processed through a multi-layered looping system of analysis which allows them to generate very specific cleansed data sets for an ever expanding range of industries and sectors.

Historically information has been the source of power behind many great organisations and individuals. Invacio is looking at leveling the playing field, by offering more cleansed data, to the world than has been available ever before in a easy to use system.

One of their divisions (Agnes) will offer market movement predictions for the finance sector via an exclusive subscription based service. Another (Alise) will offer up to the minute, real time, market feedback services, for those interested in specific companies, brands or people, in order that marketing, sales and other activities can be carried out secure in the knowledge that information being acted upon is as up to date as possible.

As for the Zero-knowledge protocol, their communications and networking services (Invmail and Network) provide the peace of mind that comes with 100 percent secure communications. Encrypted in such a way that even if some kind of hack were performed, no data at all would be readable by the encroaching party.

Blockchain comes into play when it comes to Tamius and INV (their own cryptocurrency) itself. Tamius (subject to licensing) will be their own hybrid crypto/fiat banking application underpinned by the AI driven funds to provide liquidity and growth potential.

We were lucky to interview key people in this six year old company earlier this year, on completing their ICO a few months back, we felt a follow up interview was in order.

What areas of industry and commerce do you expect Invacio to be utilised and pushing into over the coming years?

As pointed out in the previous answer, we are extremely diverse with regards to areas in which our technologies can be applied but to give a few additional points of potential, our Data and API divisions can be applied to pretty much any kind of data rich environment that requires analysis. Via Data, it will be possible to access and use previously cleansed data relating to agriculture, meteorology, industrial developments, commodities and shipping data etc.

Via the API system it will be possible to direct our AI to search and cleanse data which is specific to almost any sector’s requirements. There may well be some limitations in the future, of that we cannot be sure, but currently we see no industries that Invacio cannot be involved in, in some way or another.

Who are the core team members at Invacio and what are the things that drive them?

Aside from the team of developers which have been (and are still) kept ring-fenced, the core team consists of William West (founder), Madhav Vadgama, Roger Baker, and our governmental liaison Michael Aumock.

William’s aim with Invacio is to bring positive change for as many people as possible from providing ready access to cleansed information through to offering fairer financial services than the current fiat banking sector offers. Madhav’s ambitions extend into the long term future of Invacio by way of combining zero-knowledge protocol, blockchain and a unique RF transmission digital technology called WeNet (created and owned by William West) to create a first of its kind offgrid blockchain technology that will allow the expansion of digital commerce into previously unconnected rural and far flung regions without huge infrastructure requirements.

Invacio Zero Knowledge Technologies from Invacio on Vimeo.

The end product will be called Vadgama Blockchain. Roger’s role and ambitions within Invacio are less technology focused and more about ensuring that the right messages are received by the right people at the right time. Alongside writing the marketing material and such like, he will be travelling the globe and introducing Invacio in all its forms to all types of organisations and people. Michael’s role within Invacio is to open the doors of world governments and other globally influential organisations such as the United Nations, his aim being to enable Invacio the chance to present services in data management and ethical wealth generation, amongst other areas, with a view to reducing financial overheads and free up civil servants from less mundane tasks than data analysis.

What are you currently doing to achieve your plans?

Considering we only finished our coinsale a few short weeks ago, we are already pushing out beta and first stage versions of some of our products. our zero-knowledge communications system has been launched in beta mode and the the first stage of our Tamius division has been released in the form of an erc20 protocol wallet for Android (We are awaiting approval for the Apple IOS version), Data can be viewed in it’s frozen state, and Agnes is being prepared alongside Network for the next rollout, additionally our INV tokens are currently tradable on  Mercatox BTC and Mercatox ETH, Bancor, Idex and featured on Coin Market Cap. More exchanges are planned.

Image Credit: Invacio

Our next major steps revolve around the construction of our first supercomputer server facility and central hub in Thailand via a joint exercise with BOI Thailand. We are in the process of collecting Playstation 3s of certain age and model number in order to combine and utilise their parallel processing capabilities. This will become a hugely powerful home for Jean and provide a type of data crunching power that just isn’t the norm in any sector, whilst being significantly cheaper than buying a supercomputer from companies such as IBM, it will be enough to get us to the next rung in scale. Once built and functioning, we will finally be able to start rolling out our AI driven services and begin to make a difference.

Invacio seems to have huge ambitions, what is your ultimate aim?

Image Credit: Invacio

It is very hard to quantify exactly what we believe Invacio’s ultimate role in the world will be. We are currently aiming to bring as much change and disruption as possible to the core areas of finance, secure communications and data management, beyond that it will all depend on discussions we are having now with major technology companies and Governments and how they turnout. The technology is of sufficient flexibility that there really are no avenues that will remain unexplored. It would be great if at sometime in the future Invacio became a household name. For now, all we can do is strive to achieve. Our plans to increase awareness and use of AI systems within mainstream society will involve pushing in multiple directions at the same time.

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