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Understanding Today's Top Entrepreneurial Mindsets

Understanding Today's Top Entrepreneurial Mindsets
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By SV Advisory Group

The number of entrepreneurs is growing globally; regardless of this growth, successful entrepreneurs all have characteristics that are commonplace: a mindset to achieve, the ability to create new products and services by realizing something is missing or can be changed in the world, and sometimes, most importantly, the fortitude to make that change happen. The successful entrepreneur has less time at home (or is working when he/she is there), takes fewer vacations, and carries the responsibility for the success of a given organization on his/her shoulders. Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone; but for those who elect to take this path, there is a mindset and a motivation like none other.

We studied today’s top entrepreneurs carefully. Regardless of the sandbox they play in, some characteristics are simply cemented in their successes. These men and women are shining examples of what it takes to make change happen, not to mention what you have to give up in order to see the process through. As founders of organizations, each has had a significant impact on the way we solve the problems of today – and plan for tomorrow. Their mindsets exemplify what it takes to make a real difference in today’s global economy.

1. Ryan Niddel, 34 — Founder, 15 Minutes to Freedom 

Niddel earned his spot on the list based off of his project to reintroduce transparency and authenticity into the world of personal development, business, and marketing.

As the founder of 15 Minutes to Freedom, a global movement presented in 167 countries, Niddel uses the platform of his iTunes top rated podcast to initiate paradigm shifting mindsets that apply to business, body, relationships, and eventually spanning into multiple different facets of the corporate landscape.

Niddel is changing the business world one CEO at a time by offering highly specific, actionable items, that enable and encourage a C-Suite Executive to optimize every facet of their life. “I whole heartedly believe that corporate culture begins at the very top. How a CEO does one thing, is how the company will do everything. By honing in the daily habits of productivity, maximizing personal power and holding space, we are able to create a top down approach that is changing corporate culture” Niddel said. 

“It is my job to explore the limiting factors in an executives life. By identifying those limiting factors, I create a pattern interrupt that shifts their mindset and provides tools to eliminate those factors. We then replace them with daily activities and patterns that create massive personal evolution quarter over quarter. It is not only a CEO’s job to lead by example for their company, but more over their divine right to empower the entire corporation to strive for greatness. This creates a corporate mindset that is cultivated into a palpable force”

2. Reid Marshall, 22 — Serial Entrepreneur and Restless Marketer

Reid Marshall earned his way onto our list due to a combination of serialized entrepreneurial ventures and tech savvy marketing skills. When it comes to building brands and harnessing attention, Marshall continues to be a top performer. Marshall received his break at a young age within online influencer communities, where he learned to hone his skills to scale brands and mass market. All while selling two companies in the process. Marshall now coaches, consults and manages multiple top level brands on how to market and scale their online social presence. 

When he is not growing companies brands and growth hacking social attention, Marshall has been delving into new startup ventures and working as an advisor on many startup boards. You can also find him on his Instagram @reidmarshll, immersing himself in different cultures and exploring other countries. 

When I spoke with Marshall, he stated that in marketing it really comes down to the product you’re selling. “Simply, what I know is how to bring eyeballs to a page or platform. At the end of the day if the product isn’t there then companies expose themselves. That’s why I only work with brands and products I know I can market and have the potential for massive growth. In a world drowning in content you have to be able to sift through a lot of noise to find what’s good or even great. However, with modern tech the sky is no longer the limit. We truly are only limited by the power of our imagination” 

3. Alejandro Avila — CEO, Beluga Pay (

BelugaPay is a payment solution for merchants. We help them accept all forms of payments and grow their business. All transactions in the form of cash, cards or cryptocurrencies along with merchant data are stored safely on a blockchain, which is used to give smaller merchants access to financial solutions usually only available for big companies. We are certified by banks, Visa, Mastercard and PCI compliant to accept credit/debit cards, online and card present.

BelugaPay Team: Blockchain is still in very early stages of mass adoption, we are still finding new use cases for the technology and more fields to disrupt. We hope to enable all businesses to accept major cryptocurrencies all around the world. We are also working with governments and regulators to help introduce new laws that promote best practices and low taxes around the technology.

4. Denis Globa, Konstantin Ivanov, Andrew Kirillov and Stan Bokov — Founders of TradingView (

TradingView is the largest social network for retail traders and investors with over 7,000,000 monthly active users worldwide.The company recently broke into the top 500 websites in the world on Alexa. Users get trading ideas, a free web-based trading platform to analyze stocks, futures, indexes, Forex and crypto, while discussing in real-time. TradingView's free charting widgets are used on over 40,000 sites worldwide, including the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Investopedia, SeekingAlpha, Zacks, Crunchbase, and many others. 

“We're democratizing finance by empowering regular people to talk about the markets in a safe and transparent way. The community enables a learning cycle, where users can message tens of thousands of other people, ask their opinion, get trading ideas, do market research and analysis - and all of it for free. Anyone should have access to top-notch tools that used to be reserved only for the pros. It's all about leveling the playing field! The next step is being able to manage your portfolio with E*TRADE, Robinhood and other top brokers around the world,” says the TradingView Team.

5. Tamara Ashworth, 31 — Founder, Ashworth Strategy LLC

Tamara earned a spot on the list because of her Marketing consulting projects with small- and medium-sized direct to consumer companies. Awarded by Procter and Gamble for her Brand Strategy work, Tamara went on to found a Marketing Strategy Consultancy based in New York City, where she works on innovative Brand Strategy and Digital Marketing projects in consumer products, skincare, healthcare and technology.

Ashworth Strategy is changing the way Marketing is viewed, from an expense to a well-defined investment with a substantiated strategy. Without an investment minded Marketing Strategy, the results will be left to ‘Hopeful Marketing’; the largest cause for most eventual failures.

 “Marketing is as much of a science as it is an art, and with today’s access to big data, we have a substantial amount of information available to us to develop a sophisticated and validated Marketing Strategy that will maximize Return on Investment,” Tamara told me. “Marketers need to be well trained investors, who leverage their creativity in order to directly drive business results and transform the company into a successful brand.”

6. Mihriban Ersin, Co-Founder/COO, Colendi (

After working in finance with those with financial challenges for over a decade, Mihriban and her partners decided to create a company, called Colendi, which provides micro credit scoring through the blockchain. Mihriban believes that entrepreneurs must always believe in themselves, and their startup ideas first. “Believe in it so much,” she says, “that no negative comment can discourage you.” From there, it is about focusing on finding the right solution to a problem and not individual success. 

7. Dan Raju — Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder of Tradier Inc. (

Launched in 2014, the Tradier API is one of the largest and most widely used Financial Services API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) in the market. Tradier lets developers and companies rapidly implement connectivity to the capital markets with its hosted API’s, without having to create large technology and brokerage operations. For decades, the ability to invest into “Wall Street” was only permitted from within the four walls of legacy brokerage firms, Tradier has democratized investing by opening of up trading to everybody. Using Tradier’s API’s anybody can build a trading, advisory or analysis platform. Tradier is leveraged by a growing list of over 100+ companies and used by thousands of Fintech Innovators and developers. Companies can build one-click and trade functionality from within their apps using Tradier’s real-time trading and data platform.

According to Dan, “Tradier is a next generation SaaS Company that offers the Brokerage Business Process as a Service. Using our platform so many large and growing firms have been able to deliver investing and value to traders from all parts of the country. Tradier customers include Active Trading firms, Analytics, Social, Quant and Digital Advisors”

8. Guy Melamed, Co-Founder and CEO, Zeex (

Guy Melamed believes that a company’s DNA derives mainly “from the values and actions of the founding team.” With a focus on his company’s vision from day one, this CEO and Co-Founder is always pushing the organization (and his team) further toward that vision. “When I see the tip of my nose and the horizon at the same time, that’s when things crystallize and synchronize,” he says. Consistently, from all his past projects to Zeex, there are always issues to deal with like competitors, regulations, technologies, and more, many of which can be working against you. The solution is to “never take no for an answer and find a creative solution to push forward. These are the moments,” he says, “that the most creative solutions and companies come to life.”

9. Ronnie Wilson, CEO, SaveonIT (

“Entrepreneurs are never satisfied with the status quo,” says Wilson, who discovered he was not destined for the corporate world when his new and better ways of doing things were interpreted as unwanted criticism by his bosses. Now, he says, “I wish my employees would get into more trouble,” because it shows they are on the lookout for opportunities to improve themselves or company operations.

10. Robert Hamparyan, Attorney, Hamparyan Injury Lawyers (

Hamparyan Injury Lawyers have has over a 98% success rate, with over 100 million recovered for our clients throughout the years. Over 40 of those settlements have been in excess of 1 million dollars.

“Where most avoid risk, entrepreneurs see potential, says Robert Hamparyan, entrepreneurs are not afraid to leverage their houses and run up their credit card balances to amass the funds they need to create a new venture. In some ways, he says, they are the ultimate optimists, because they believe that their investments of time and money will eventually pay off.”

11. Christopher Campbell, CEO, Sewing From Home (

When confronted by problems, many employees try to pass the buck. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, rise to the occasion. “Challenges motivate them to work harder,” saysChristopher Campbell. “An entrepreneur doesn’t think anything is insurmountable … He looks adversity in the eye and keeps going.” 

12. Chris LoCurto, CEO, The Poimen Group (

Chris is an accomplished entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and leader of leaders helping businesses and individuals realize and maximize their personal and professional potential. He pours his great passion for people, along with decades of experience and perspective, into his daily work with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals. It’s this passion and insight that has lead businesses to explode their revenue and help to realize their potential and live a strong life.

“It’s important to surround yourself with people smarter than you and to listen to ideas that aren’t yours. I’m open to ideas that aren’t mine and people that know what I don’t, because I think success takes communication, collaboration and, sometimes, failure.” 

13. David Baddeley, Director, Scottish Trust Deed (

A Trust Deed is a formal agreement between you and your creditors to pay back what you can afford towards your debts. Once Protected it is an extremely powerful legal tool to help you back on the road to financial stability. A Trust Deed is designed for people who have taken out too much debt and are struggling to meet their monthly repayments.

“Entrepreneurs fall down and pick themselves up until they get it right,” says Micha Kaufman, co-founder and CEO of the fast-growth online freelance marketplace Fiverr. During Fiverr’s launch, instead of trying to deal with “an endless number of potential challenges,” Kaufman and his team focused on “the single biggest challenge every marketplace has: building liquidity. Without liquidity, there is no marketplace.” 

14. Eliza Nimmich, CEO, Tutor the People (

The company specializes in taking a customized approach with every student. Their tutors tailor the lesson plans to your needs. If you are struggling with one aspect of the material, you can focus on that.

“Innovation is 99% failure. The goal is to get through the 99 failures as fast as possible to find 1 success.” Then, he encourages, “do it again, because sustained growth requires a constant flow of small successes. Don’t be so tied to a bad idea that it clouds your ability to seek and identify a great one.”

15. Nick Filchy, CEO, BangerBuddy (

Nick Filchy has earned a spot on the list because of his success and disruption in the social media industry. As the CEO of the company & the full time employee, Filchy runs a collection of giant Instagram pages which he uses to do sponsored posts for brands, market his personally owned online stores, and throw large 18+ events.

Collectively, Filchy owns over 2 million followers worth of pages that are growing incredibly fast. Filchy is gaining over 100,000 new followers a week across all his pages and monetizing his audience very efficiently. Most social media accounts will never reach 100K followers in a lifetime, or spend years and years building that large of an audience, while Filchy is adding 100k people a week to his Insta-empire with what he claims is “minimal effort” for him. 

“You wouldn’t believe how simple it is to grow fast on social media.” Filchy told me. “Instagram growth is a snowball effect. It is quite challenging to get to 100k followers but once you are there, it is much easier to get to a million. It took me about 3 years to get @Bangerbuddy to 1 million followers, but it took me 3 months to get the account from 1 million to 2million.”

16. Kade Robertsonn, Successful Ecommerce Entrepreneur

Kade earned a spot on the list for being extremely successful in the ECommerce world. At only 19 years old Kade has multiple 6 figure online Ecommerce stores that allow him to work and be in college at the same time.

Todays new wave of consumers brings new requirements that retailers have to fulfill to be successful. This new online era of Generation Z consumers want products that department stores don’t offer. Thats why we see are seeing so many closings of stores like JcPenny’s and Macy’s. To be successful in the Ecommerce world you must offer products that are authentic and unique to the customers wants. This includes supplying brand based products that are high quality at a relatively fair price.

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