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Multiversum: an Insight on the 4th Generation Relational Blockchain

Multiversum: an Insight on the 4th Generation Relational Blockchain
Image credit: Courtesy of Multiversum

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Countering the problem that modern blockchains face, Multiversum has developed a 4th generation relational blockchain. The team behind this interesting and ambitious project is from Italy. I spoke to Andrea Taini, CEO of Multiversum, to learn more about this project, and how it is different from the earlier generations.

1. Using basic terms, can you describe 4th generation relational blockchain, for those that are not in the tech world?

4th generation makes this technology exit from pioneers world to allow the blockchain to be a valuable solution to provide evolved data models for complex use cases as we see in Corporations, Public Administrations and in modern applications and normalization as IT component to allow professional usage through standard interfaces and usage in the state of the art of programming methods.

Its features are: speed, scalability, safety, sustainability, versatility and elastic and easy-to-learn developing, supporting several languages.

2. You are among the founders of blockchain 4.0, what part of the concept did you develop, and how did you make your vision a reality?

Multiversum worked specifically on the relational database on blockchain, a brand new concept never imagined before in blockchains. The project not only managed to seamless merge the two technologies together, making them synergical and complementary, but it adopted the top shelf standards of IT and security: data sharding, ACID Model, transactional behavior and other must-have features to call Multiversum “The fourth generation blockchain par excellence” Another important advancement is Multiversum proprietary consensum model: PoI (Proof-of-Integrity) based on the cryptographic verification of data genuinity genuinity, both while writing and when reading, decomposing queries with different results in subqueries till the differences are found and verified with signature analysis of data

cryptographic proof of nodes code genuinity, that allows for blazing-fast verifications and extremely low power consumption, opposed to old and expensive models like “Proof of Work” or “Proof of Stake”. I made my vision real by gathering a team of young and professional experts and diving in the amazing and ever-changing world of cryptos, struggling to convey the genuinity and value of project scope and always believing in it.

3. What are the primary benefits of using a 4th generation blockchain, as opposed to traditional blockchains?

The following benefits that come from a 4th generation blockchain adoption are just the most relevant:

  •  Normalization as IT component and interfaces
  • Modern developing concepts
  • Versatility in usage
  • Low developing costs
  • Short time from project concept to market release
  • Low risks
  • Predictability on projects based on Multiversum
  • Standard languages for developing (Java, .NET, JS)
  • Drastically reduced transaction confirmation times
  • Drastically reduced power consumption
  • Rock-solid blockchain due to evolved consensus model
  • Safety
  • Versatility
  • Optimized workflow, easy-to-learn scripting and coding
  • Persistency and availability of data

4. Will the 4th generation blockchain, developed through the Multiversum, NEM and ProximaX partnership, fully replace the earlier generations, or will they co-exist and compliment the previous systems?

In the beginning, the various blockchains will coexist, but as soon as Multiversum potential in terms of speed, usability, programmer-friendliness, costs reduction, scalability and versatility is broadly known, it will simply replace them one by one. Multiversum is designed to be the standard solution for dApps development.

5. Regarding the partnership of Multiversum, NEM and ProximaX, what role will each party manage, and how will each compliment the other?

Multiversum gives the decentralized database, ProximaX the decentralized file system and streaming IO component, NEM gives the decentralization motor.

6. What kind of complex data can 4th generation blockchain process and what industries does it benefit? How?

Virtually any kind of complex data can be stored and easily accessed on Multiversum blockchain. The industries will benefit from the easiness of implementation (cost-effectiveness bonus, reduced implementation times), speed 0.2 TX/s, scalability (64'000 TX on a 64 core server with 64+ core architecture support)

7. Without giving away trade secrets, how is Multiversum protected from hackers or misuse?

Multiversum is a platform to develop dApps, and it's protected through PoI (Proof of Integrity), a proprietary consensum model based on the cryptographic verification of nodes code.

8. What is your vision for the Multiversum, NEM and ProximaX partnership?
We will improve our technology and reach even further, to companies and governments to provide the new industral standard of blockchain and dApp technology, perfectioning the products to offer aan even more complete platform with several function that fulfill all the needs of dApps.

9. Can you elaborate on your philosophy, “people, planet and security”?

These three words inspired the project from the first day. They come from John Elkington and represent the most important things to keep in mind when running a company: people first, as they, being humans, are the most valuable asset; planet, whose respect is irrefutable since it gives us the resources; profit, if it is obtained respecting the first two, it will be the fair mean to expand business.

10. Where can we find more information on Multiversum? &

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