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Top 6 Secrets to Wealth - Interview Behind the Scenes Entrepreneur: Chris Harder

Top 6 Secrets to Wealth - Interview Behind the Scenes Entrepreneur: Chris Harder
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By SV Advisory Group

We recently had the privilege of sitting down with one of today’s most community-centric entrepreneurs, Chris Harder, host of 2018’s Top Successful Business News Podcast on iTunes, For The Love Of Money. Chris and special guests, such as ABC's The Bachelorette and The Bachelor, Ben Higgins, Best-Selling Author & Real Estate Mogul, Mr. Grant Cardone, and Former Football Professional & World Record Holding Athlete turned Best-Selling Author & Entrepreneur, Mr. Lewis Howes, share their secrets, strategies, and gripping stories on how the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs, and celebrities, have risen to the top against the odds, while simultaneously exposing the common thread of “When good people make good money, they do great things.”

Referred to as the “Master of Masterminds” by his peers, Chris Harder joins us today to reveal his Top 6 Secrets to Wealth, and how the concept of a “mastermind” or “Tribe,” lays foundation for financial success. Originally introduced by Napoleon Hill as a “master mind alliance,” in his book from the 1920s, The Law of Success, and expanded upon in his 1930s book, Think and Grow Rich; in a mastermind, the agenda belongs to each person’s participation, usually with one or two group leads, and where commitment is key. Without any further ado, let’s jump right into the interview:


1. So, Chris, you’ve hosted For the Love of Money now for over 130 episodes, and with some of the world’s most exclusive celebrities and entrepreneurs – Tell us, what are the one or two things most entrepreneurs should be focusing on to achieve financial success for the rest of 2018?

I have, and two things stand out for me right away. First, attaching a social cause to your business, an authentic one that is part of your company’s ethos, is a must in 2018 and beyond. Thanks to the upcoming generations that are voting with their dollars, they have created a consumer atmosphere where they demand to know that your company focuses on socially responsible entrepreneurship as much as it does on creating profit.

Second, collaboration is key now. Gone are they days where you kept your special sauce to yourself and powered through on your own. Today’s most successful entrepreneurs are getting there by leveraging their networks, lifting each other up, and working together closely to share their best ideas. It is in this new era of idea-sharing, collaboration, and affiliate relationships that you’re seeing people grow their business bigger and faster than ever before. If you’re not plugged into a high-level group of entrepreneurs, you’re going to be left behind.

2. That is such incredible insight, Chris. Would you say these are contributing factors for your mastermind’s massively successful growth?

 It’s funny you ask about my mastermind. It is literally the one thing I do that brings me the most joy out of all of our projects. And I think that reason alone is one of the factors that it is so successful for the entrepreneurs in it, is because I love doing it. I take the responsibility of carefully curating the best possible room of doers and dreamers and I turn it into an atmosphere of rapid growth and collaboration. I have a few beliefs about a mastermind, and what makes it successful or not. It must be the right sized group. If it’s too big, people can hide in there, and then they lose the relationship and accountability factor. 

Next, every person in that room must be committed to each other’s business growth for the year, the same way you’d be committed to your own family’s success. Because when all thirty or forty people are one hundred percent committed to lending their unique talents to each other, that's becomes a dream team that you could never assemble on your own for your business. 

And finally, there must be good diversity in that mastermind. When everyone is the same type of entrepreneur, working on the same types of businesses, it doesn't create an atmosphere of brand new game-changing ideas. Radical new ideas for your business come when someone outside of your industry says “Hey, in my business, we bring people in the door by doing this… what if you tried that in your industry?” And boom! That becomes the game-changing idea that makes you top of your genre!

The bottom line is this… a mastermind will only be as good as the person who forms it, runs it, and if that person isn’t highly skilled in cultivating a room full of intentional collaboration and growth, it won’t work. That's why I take my role as a creator of these masterminds so seriously.

3. We’ve heard you say that you’re apart of several masterminds -- Is being apart of more than one mastermind beneficial? If so, why?

Yes, There is a sweet-spot here. I belong to two. My own, and currently one put on by Lewis Howes. Any more than two, and I believe you’re becoming a distracted, watered down version of yourself with too many ideas to execute on. One epic mastermind, or two great ones is the sweet-spot you should be aiming for.

4. It’s incredible to see how entrepreneurs have the ability to empower one another! Chris, we want to ask something personal – Who is an entrepreneur you would credit within your mastermind for a recent success? What was your biggest takeaway?

I have this guy in my mastermind, Rob Murgatroyd, founder of the Work Hard, Play Hard podcast and brand, and his entire ethos is that you need to play just as hard as you work. He truly lives it, and it’s what has helped make him a millionaire. And that has really spoken to me, because I get lost in the work, and I forget to reward myself with great experiences outside of my businesses, and that can be a very dangerous addiction. Rob has taught me that the new ideas, and the new energy shows up in the play, not in the grind. Anyway, he’s one of my mastermind members, and we created a launch plan that shot his podcast to the top 100 on iTunes! It was awesome to see his success happen so quickly!

5. Wow, that’s remarkable! This might sound a little bit cliché, but if you could go back in time and tell yourself one piece of advice, what would tell yourself?

Easy – I’d remind myself that that “giving” is the secret of to everything you’ve ever desired. Think about it… want a better business? Give more into it. Want a better relationship? Give more to that. Want a better body? Better health? More fulfillment? Whatever, give more, and your returns will be tenfold. Giving really is the secret to an epic life.

6. Before we let you go, Chris, could you share with us one last thing -- What do you look forward to most as an entrepreneur every day? What inspires you to pour into your mastermind?

 Honestly, I think I’m slightly addicted to “playing the hero.” And I believe we all have that innate desire in us as humans. Meaning, I want to be the ultimate connector of great people so they can succeed. I love providing solutions and new ideas to people in need. I love building schools or providing clean water, or even just helping someone who’s down on their luck here and there. “Playing the hero” on a big level requires big money and big connections, and I think constantly growing those two areas of my life is what makes me pop out of bed every day and give my all to the mastermind. Give my all to the podcast. Give my all to my circle of influence, etc…


Once again it has been such an incredible privilege to interview this game-changing entrepreneur, Chris Harder. Chris' goal is to expose common thread of generosity in entrepreneur’s success stories, therefore giving you the permission, motivation, and the tips & tools to love and attract money, become a smashing success, and in return, empower you to live generously in your earning and your giving. For more content, go to and check out tons of free content available on-demand. Follow Chris at Until next time, from us entrepreneurs, to you.

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