Instilling Entrepreneurial Skills in Students Through Innovative Educational Practices

Benefiting Through Educational Biz

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The primary need of educating self was earlier limited to schooling and then polishing the skills for a stable job, but time has changed rapidly and now education is for an overall growth of a child.


The introduction of adventure education is new in the lot and has seen great encouragement from the parents as well as from the students’ side.

Adventure in Education

Many companies are now a day coming up with innovative ideas for engaging students in adventure education and outdoor programs.

The adventure education includes camping, excursion and interactive learning techniques, teaching students to be future ready for all the challenges that come their way.

Earlier the focus of education as only in earning excellence in book knowledge but now the western influence has pushed the envelope of the education system in India.

Scope in India

Sasi Kumar, Founder, FOCUS Adventure, a Srilanka-based company, is currently finding its base in India. He believes that India is a culturally and geographically diverse country, which makes it unique; therefore the adventure education business will play well in this country.

Sasi says, “In a market like India I believe there are a lot of ways to succeed. There are different states, so rather than looking at it as India, you need to look at it according to states. When you are able to market yourself according to states you know what development each state are in and then you are able to go into that. Be specific with it I think you will be successful.”

Survival of the Fittest

Darwin’s theory is being taught in the early life, before getting the reality check in professional life, which is one of the biggest advantages of adventure education.

Thanks to the internet crazy generation, this has highlighted what other schools in other countries are doing. To become on the top of the business game, new innovative ideas of cashing in education business are churned every day.

The adventure education not only develops the hidden talents and hone them but also make the students learn entrepreneurship skills like team building, leadership qualities, problem-solving and quick decision making.

This article was originally published on Franchise India by Nibedita Mohanta .