Why Education Franchises Should Focus On After School Activities

Reducing Anxiety and Stress Among Students
Why Education Franchises Should Focus On After School Activities
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After school activities can improve school performance and build important character skills among the students. Educators are focusing more towards this segment, as it also improves the health of the student, both mentally and physically. It’s important for the franchisors to understand which activity is right and how it can benefit their students.

There is one thing which is common with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. They both were passionate about the after-school activities, despite being dropouts. They are a perfect example that even with hard work and after-school activity, one can achieve success.

Check out the 3 after school activities that franchisors are focusing on:


Sports are regarded as one of the best after-school activities for ages. With the cricket and football fever upscaling, franchisors are considering it as a great way for students to burn off their energy. They believe that activities such as sports, make the student understand the importance of handling pressure while working in a group. In fact, many schools have their own sports team, participating now and then.


Educators have introduced volunteering which can teach the children about their community and giving back. Educators are categorizing student’s interest, appointing them to several volunteering activities. They believe that it creates a positive social impact while building work experience. Volunteering also teaches the in and outs of a work environment.

Music and arts

Franchisors could embrace students with cognitive skills via music and arts. Music provides a way of expression, which is essential for both the student and brand. According to a study, it is observed that students involved in music and arts to well at schools and carry a healthier lifestyle. Educators are now coming up with clubs associated with arts, promoting students to sign up for drama, band, or art club.

This article was originally published on Franchise India by Shahram Warsi.

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