3 Smart Opportunities Knocking at the Doors of Independent Entrepreneurs

How to utilize independence in freelance entrepreneurship?

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Entrepreneurship today has undoubtedly been the driver of change as far as driving smart solutions for Indian society is concerned. At this juncture, it is worth noting that the sheer number of professionals (having worked for others) turning first-time entrepreneurs is at an all-time high; the newbies are obviously leveraging independence that comes along by turning independent/freelance entrepreneurs


Freelance entrepreneurship and working independently are also the in-thing now. In this regard, if you are a newbie freelance entrepreneur, it should do no harm to check out the below opportunities which you could enjoy to add a degree of smartness to your offerings. Now, just like independent entrepreneurship, these opportunities are also independent of the usual meetups and event sessions:

A smart work culture

Now, if you are someone who frets over having to adhere to fixed office timings; it is undoubted that turning a freelance entrepreneur would eliminate the standard 9 to 5 routine; but the notable fact here is that you could actually make the way you work a lot smarter when you are freelancing.

“The blend of work and play is becoming more and more, and social informal gatherings often lead to large business opportunities,” states Rahul Puri who is Managing Director at Mukta A2 Cinemas.

Puri stresses on the smartness factor when entrepreneurs work independently, as the opportunities to foray into uncharted territories would be more; and also with time on your sides you could easily join “smart gatherings” to work on developing solutions and thereby giving a fillip to your business plans.

Another sub-opportunity you get during your freelance entrepreneur journey is smart time management.

Smart Time Management skills

Managing time is seemingly an issue everywhere; even at conventional workplaces. Now, in freelance entrepreneurship, the leeway for mastering smart time management skills is at an all time high. You could actually better practice time management when you are independent.

“While fixed working hours will help maintain the company’s efficiency, an informal work culture will encourage people to explore new territories and discover innovative techniques/solutions,” informs Amin Rozani who is CEO and Co-Founder at The Spartan Poker.

With multiple things to do at hand, mastering the art of smartly managing and respecting time becomes a necessity; when you are a freelancer. This is independent of the number of projects you handle.

Also, when you are your own workforce (in independent entrepreneurship), all shackles (having to adhere to time, report to someone, be at the receiving end always, and more) are bound to break.

The takeaway here is that you would be thinking straight without limits; but remember to add a degree of discipline to this work lifestyle.

Opening the doors to the “Next One”

Apart from getting to meet industry leaders and network with them (which you could also do at conventional jobs at the office), being independent accords you the opportunity to create more independent entrepreneurs in the society.

In case you succeed at your venture, you could choose to tell your story to others, potentially acting as a thought leader and motivational speaker.

“The first word is trust and the last word here again is trust. The leaders can work to bring together groups with carefully chosen synergies where they feel like Collaborators and not Competitors. That will bring in the first level of trust, opening up and sharing of ideas and involvement,” says Sajju Aravind who is CEO at Edubrisk.

Hence, you stand good stead in gaining trust; both at personal as well as professional levels.

Finally, the opportunities which you could unlock are immense and not definable; all you need is creativity and smartness while you are an independent entrepreneur.