#5 Lifestyle Changes Aiming at Success

You should accept the challenges and hurdles placidly and pave failures as stepping stones to greener pastures
#5 Lifestyle Changes Aiming at Success
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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit”, states Will Durant highlighting the gravity of a few lifestyle changes targeting success.

There isn’t any quick pill or a ‘success mantra’, but some habits which once inculcated in your character, will definitely give you an edge over others in your career and help you to be remarkably eminent.

1.     Early birds tick the clock

It’s no surprise that the most successful people ‘catch the worm’ right in the silent wee hours and get a head start on the day. Be it a chance to usher their creativity or go for fitness spree or may even be with family, but these head honchos definitely know how to knock out tasks while the others are still snoozing.

Take, for instance, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, who wakes up at 3.45a.m to check his emails and plan the day or Michelle Obama who begins her day working out at 4.30a.m or PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi who is at work every day by no later than 7 a.m.

These big wigs do motivate us to have a sound sleep and be awake at the crack of the dawn.

2.     Sound mind resides in a sound body

Many clichés as it may sound, but there’s no denying to the fact that the more physically fit and agile you are, the more the creativity and stamina to work.

“I have to go hit the gym, no matter how much I am travelling or whatever be the duration of meetings. Physical fitness is my drug to positivity and creativity,” confesses Mr.Pravin Daryani, director of A&A business consulting firm.

You do not want the work stress and deadlines mar your output and creative juices from flowing freely. The rocket science here is aiming at a workout in a gym or maybe walking amidst nature to hit the ‘refresh’ button of your memory.

3.     Plan your day

How will you reach the destination if you don’t plan the route of the journey?

So to be headed in the right direction and not to waste the most valuable essence-time, you need to charter your day in the most effective way and plan it out keeping deadlines as well as priorities in mind.

Mr.Vimal Gupta, owner of New Idea Farm Equipment Company, says,” I spend the first few minutes of the day apprising me of the current state of affairs and then I chalk out the strategy of the day for myself and targets for the employees to facilitate the smooth functioning of tasks and not to miss any deadlines”.

One must keep a margin of contingency in the plans too so as to leverage any sudden alterations in the routine.

4.     Organize your office  

The meticulous organization at your workplace will rule out any time wasted in looking for the right thing at the right time.

The less cluttered the office is, the more creative and clear you would be, thereby, meeting your deadlines calmly and retaining your sanctity.

The continual sorting of documents and computer files, setting them in order of priority and keeping your desk clutter free will make you more productive and efficient each day.

5.     Challenge yourself and learn from mistakes

Robert Kiyosaki effectively quotes,” Don’t waste a good mistake. Learn from it.”

As a human being, one evolves each day, learning from the mistakes made by oneself or others around us. You must not be scared to try the unknown, new roads as they might be the harbingers of success and fame.

Conclusion-You should accept the challenges and hurdles placidly and pave failures as stepping stones to greener pastures. Be positive and hopeful in your outlook if you want to stand out from the rest and get rid of your fears. Be consistent in our efforts and incorporate these lifestyle habits to be triumphant and efficacious.


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