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Why Your Next Work Computer Could Come from a Gaming Company

Gaming computer maker MSI says its hardware is perfect for business. Here's why.

As an ambitious entrepreneur, you want the technology and tools that will best equip you to do your best work and set you up for success. When it comes to your work computer, and the computers your employees use, perhaps you’ve never considered any that aren’t from one of the major consumer brands. Perhaps you should.

Courtesy of MSI

One computer company that’s worth your attention is MSI, which manufactures and sells computers and laptops specifically for the gaming community. Adapting what they've learned over the years in gaming, MSI started developing new, professional-grade laptops and workstations that can be perfect for many professional purposes.

In accommodating the needs of gamers, MSI built computers that come with insanely fast processing, large beautiful screens, have long-lasting battery life, and are tested ensure they withstand the rigors of heavy use. In other words, MSI knows how to make serious laptops for business use, too.

Here’s a look at three MSI laptop options that might be perfect as your next work computer.

Image credit: Courtesy of MSI

A creative focus: P65

Digital content creators—people who work in fields like 3D modeling, graphic design, music, VR, etc.—typically need a full-performance computer with high-end specifications and a long-lasting battery to do their best work. And since they’re creatively-minded, a computer that has a stylish design doesn’t hurt, either. That’s where MSI’s P65 comes in.

With an ultra-light aluminum chassis and weighing just 4.14 lbs, the P65 is made to be portable and durable. It has up to 9 hours of battery life and comes in white and silver versions.

In terms of power, the P65 is loaded with an 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor and NVIDIA® GeForce® 1070 Max-Q graphics for the white version and 1060 for the silver model. The 15.6-inch display has exclusive True Color 2.0 technology, making it close to 100 percent sRGB with exceptional color fidelity and accurate colors.

Topping it off, the P65 comes with a fingerprint scanner for personal and business security, as well as the Cortana virtual assistant to help simplify everyday tasks.

Image credit: Courtesy of MSI

Powerful and secure: WS63 Workstation

If your business is heavy into video editing, CAD, 3D modelling and other intensive graphics-processing applications, then MSI’s WS63 Workstation might be right for you. These laptops come with an 8th Generation Intel® CoreTM processor, professional-level graphics with NVIDIA® Quadro®, and they run Windows 10 Pro.

The WS63 Workstation is ISV-certified, meaning it has been optimized to run many third-party applications, including 3D design software from Autocad and Solidworks. The Quadro® graphics cards are designed for tasks like CAD design and professional video rendering, and typically outperform GeForce® in this type of work.

And when working long hours away from the office, the WS63 incudes “Cooler Boost Trinity Technology” to avoid overheating as well as a fingerprint sensor that lets you login using Windows Hello—keeping your work safe no matter where you are.

MSI says its clients have used their Quadro®-powered Workstations to design massive construction projects from top-to-bottom. For example, architecture and design firm Corgan is one such customer. Corgan was hired to design Dallas/Fort Worth Internationals Airport’s new, 2.1 million square foot Terminal D, and its architects used MSI’s Workstations to create the terminal’s entire schematic design model, complete with furnishings and lighting options.

Image credit: Courtesy of MSI

An elegant option: PS42

Think of MSI’s PS42 laptop as having many of the same features as the GS65 and WS63, except packed inside a beautiful silver aluminum case. It’s not only powerful but also beautiful—so it won’t disappoint if you’re looking to make an impression during your next business meeting.

You can supercharge the PS42 with NVIDIA® GeForce® MX150 dedicated graphics, delivering up to 4x better performance over integrated graphics, and is ideal for photo editing, video remastering and gaming. Better yet, it weighs just 2.62 pounds and comes with 10-hour battery life, so it’s ready for business no matter where you go or how long you need to work.

It also includes True Color Technology, which allows you to select different modes that optimize for the best picture for your scene. Modes include Office, Movie, Designer, and Gamer, among others. MSI says the PS42 is deal for work and even simple video or photo editing use.

For more information about MSI’s lineup of professional laptops, visit


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