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TreeChain Network - Transforming Global Tree Cover through Blockchain Technology

TreeChain Network - Transforming Global Tree Cover through Blockchain Technology
Image credit: Courtesy of Stankevicius MGM

The TreeChain Network is a smart tree platform based on the technological foundations of nanotechnologies, big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. The objective of this decentralized economic model is to help communities evolve and reform into a balanced ecosystem.

We all know how important trees are to the existence of mankind. They purify our air, play a key role in water catchment, enhance health outcomes, and promote biodiversity. It is therefore common knowledge that we act and save our dwindling forest covers in the universe.

The TreeChain Network envisions to grow 11 billion trees and digitize over half of the current tree cover on earth by 2030. The Network aims to attain this through TreeChain Platform.

In the coming time, TreeChain Network will officially launch a global campaign of "Growing new 110 million trees in 11 hours," and from that tree festival, the organization will officially take 11 Novmeber annually as World Planting Day.

TreeChain Network Technology Infrastructure

What makes the TreeChain Network truly unique and transformative is the technology underlying the platform. There is an enthusiastic team of scientists and experts globally continually working on the biotechnology, blockchain, and internet of things aspects of the Network.

TreeChain Maps

This is the heart of the TreeChain Network. It is a high tech digital map that keeps track of every bit of tree data such as age, planting date, species, and the owner. By locating the entire global tree system, TreeChain Maps effectively create a network of digitized trees that are protected and optimized to benefit the earth and mankind.

With climate change increasingly threatening the sustainability of our resources, the TreeChain Network is building a good foundation for the present and future generations. 

TreeChain Social Network

This is a decentralized network that brings together all the TreeChain Network members from all over the globe. The network engages users to contribute and share content on the platform. The social network will be connected to the TreeChain Network ecosystem that gives members access to millions of products on the E-supermarket.

The TreeChain Manager

This application is for individuals and organizations to help them in creating, exploiting, and managing tree digitization projects. This is where the TreeChain biochip is activated and the development of trees is monitored and managed.

The TreeChain Exchange

The TreeChain Network has resources that members can exchange and trade with one another. The TreeChain exchange is the application that facilitates the internal trading on the network. The trading currency used is the Tree Coin which is a cryptocurrency.

On the TreeChain exchange, there are three main activities taking place:

  • Mining Convert – This is the transformation of the activities and values of TreeChain members to Tree Coin.
  • Transaction – This is the process through which the Tree Coin is traded and exchanged with other coins and tokens.
  • Optimization Trade – This is the purchase, exchange, and trade of TreeChain Network resources and assets.

The TreeChain Pay

This is the payment system on the TreeChain exchange consisting of a digital app that allows members on the platform to purchase, exchange, and manage personal assets and resources. The beauty of the TreeChain pay system is that you can pay anytime, anywhere, and on anything.

The biochip system used connects and communicates with the devices linked to it through wireless connectors. All the chips are made of biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials.

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