Here's How Walking an Unconventional Path Can Be Victorious For You

As they often say… where there is a will there is a way.
Here's How Walking an Unconventional Path Can Be Victorious For You
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Choosing an unconventional profession as a magical entertainer & a mentalist is a challenge that you take, Where your path is unknown, your destination undecided and your Journey a road never taken before and as they often say …where there is a will there is a way. 

Entertainment field teaches us that no matter how good a performer you are, it was important to grow and create unique avenues through our art form that would give me an edge over other performers and make us a value addition to the event instead of just being another artist performer or event organizer .
Thus the key factors that helped me  govern the growth of my work and prevented me from becoming a stagnant entity in my  sphere of entertainment, which is a fast moving environment, was sometimes  to think ahead on what my client wanted and create a desired Experiential event experience for them and other times to create a wonderful experience myself and then find a market for it . 

So here I share my 4 Golden Secrets with you.

  1. Innovation

Innovation is the key to lasting longer in a fast-paced industry like experiential events, it is also prone to people copying your concepts and thus very soon you loose on the monopoly of a particular effect or concept you create in your field. Thus innovating newer concepts every two months allows you to keep your brand fresh and in demand. 

2.  Empowerment 
Ever wondered borrowing a magic stick from a magician and you being able to do magic your self? That’s exactly the experience We should design for our clients.   empower your clients to be able to contribute in a positive and more effective way by creating a new concept for them and making them an  integral part of the event  Each element must be  well thought on , scripted , and technically assisted to create  wow factor . An experience the client performing and  the audience takes back.

  3.  Customization And Alignment  
         Align your entertainment to the requirement of the client / audience .
 Events are  often just curated with elements to fill in space and activity however  This does not add value to the event it just looks like the entertainment is there for the sake of it  . Thus aligning  the entertainment by incorporating the  message your client or company wishes to give to its esteemed clients / audience .

4.  Risk Analysis and Execution  Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

 Customized  & innovative events have a higher degree of  some known and unknown risks .  The risks have to be closely monitored , apprehended and probable alternatives must be created & kept ready to mitigate the rate of failure of your project / event / session & still make it something innovative and customized for the clients .

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