How to Solve Obesity Problems in India via Franchising

NutriMost is eradicating obesity with nutrition
How to Solve Obesity Problems in India via Franchising
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NutriMost Wellness & Weight Loss (, one of the largest wellness and weight loss brand is planning to start franchisees in India.

Chad Wissinger, Director of Franchise Sales & General Counsel, NutriMost says, “We are here marketing the pan India Master Franchise rights and also wonder to the neighboring countries. We have plans through FranGlobal for 155 locations in 5 years.”

Why India?

Wissinger replies, “India is one of the largest growing economies right now with a booming middle class and an ever-increasing upper class. However, unfortunately, because of the invasion of western food, there is a growing obesity problem. So, our supplements are all organic, natural, excipient-free and completely vegan; the weight loss programme, we tailor to every person, is based on historic food that is traditional to India.”

For those who want to join the franchise bandwagon of NutriMost here are a few things they are particularly looking for in a potential franchisee:

Common Interest

A potential franchisee is one who not only has money to invest but should share the same interest with the franchisor be it any field wellness, food & beverage or fashion.

Wissinger says, “One of the things that we look for our franchise is someone who is particularly interested in wellness, weight loss, and overall natural health.”

Care for the Brand

A franchisee should care about the brand, its projection and the people he is going to cater to unless he accepts all this as his part, how will the brand add him/her as a part of the brand.

Wissinger says, “We found out that the most important thing to finding compliant franchisees is people who care about people, the brand, who are interested in the topic and products.”


Passion functions as wheels which will drive the brand’s growth, which is why franchisors look for franchisees that have the passion for same topics.

Wissinger shares, “If franchisees have a passion for the same topics that we do, then having them complies with the brand, the contract and being a good operator comes along naturally.”

This article was originally published on Franchise India by Nibedita Mohanta.

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