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Meet Today's Top Entrepreneurs and Visionaries

Meet Today's Top Entrepreneurs and Visionaries
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By SV Advisory Group

Entrepreneurs under 40 are a special group; they have achieved significant standing at a young age, while setting the “entrepreneurial standard” for those striving for independent success.  Regardless of their specific age, or the vertical they work in, these entrepreneurs are successful in ways we cannot always understand.  They share similar characteristics, and the ability to put their goals -- and their businesses, first. On a daily basis, they are changing the very definition of success. While entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone; for the people in this article, it is the very cornerstone of their existence.

After researching and studying today’s top entrepreneurs carefully, we found that they have some characteristics that resonate from their very core. They are gifted examples of what it really takes to make things happen. From personal to professional sacrifices, each person on our list has given up quite a bit to get to where they are. From founders of organizations to C-Level management, they consistently have an ongoing impact on the way we do business today – while planning for tomorrow.  

Here are 15 millennials we thought were poised to make a difference in 2018:

1. Brian Goldstein, CEO of Rx Unlimited

One strength a company can cultivate is to establish a cohesive work environment. It is the ability to work in harmony that ultimately makes dreams attainable. Brian Goldstein, the founder of Rx Unlimited Pharmacy, understands that company culture is a key fundamental to establishing individual empowerment and a successful company.

“Always treat people with respect even the people you dislike, never talk bad about anyone it will only make you look bad at the end of the day,” Goldstein, pharmaceutical tycoon."

2. Stefano Mongardi, Founder of TheWebMate

Stefano, a highly praised Webpreneur, says often times he realizes that companies try hard to acquire sales, and market their product or service well, but only think of themselves. “I’ve heard people say over and over again, ‘I don’t get why they don’t like my product,” says Stefano. One thing we do at TheWebMate is teach founders and startup teams how to identify the individuals or companies that will benefit from their product or service most. Sometimes there are ten different pitches to ten different types of people, but you must make sure you’re actively listening to their needs and not just your own.

3. Shadi Paterson, Chief of growth at ‘The 8760

23-year-old, young entrepreneur Shadi Paterson, CEO, Co-founder and the chief of growth at ‘The 8760’, moved to Kiev and started his agency which was focused on Marketing for blockchain products, recognizing the market gap as it was. Along with his business partner Yuri, he took his way through the ICO and flourished in his venture.

His company ‘The 8760’ was nowhere to stop, and he got to work with CRYTPTO20, Populous, Current Media, and Shopin, just to name a few. The 8760 raised over $300 million in 8 months and managed $15 billion in the market cap. The testimonial of the company has validated to 100% successful end-to-end clients so far. Being an ICO king, Shadi has a lot of influences to shed from his journey, "channel your focus in building the railroad instead of a train, work in the infrastructure over the app.

Private first, validate it in the sophisticated market and focus on legal. Set your priority on appearance, it’s everything. To stand out in the crowd, never cheap on the creative and having a good marketing agency is always icing on the cake," he advocates.

4. David Zhao, Managing Partner at NXT Group & CEO at NXTFactor

David Zhao, Managing Partner at NXT Group & CEO at NXTFactor says that transparency is what helped him grow not only his own businesses, but his clients’ businesses, too. In working with his clients and helping them grow their internal marketing and sales numbers, David says transparency internally helps everyone contribute ideas and strategies, while external and public transparency can even help raise funds from investors.

With a competitive market today, David says “the more people know about you, the company, and the numbers behind it, the more they will feel involved. This is great for employees, customers, and investors. Everyone wins.” As a manager, it’s difficult to spill the juice on how your company is doing – in fact, everyone is afraid to spill their secret sauce!

5. Nehemiah M. Douglass, founder of Vision Trading Network

24 year old Nehemiah M. Douglass, founder of Vision Trading Network, stays on top of the foreign exchange currency industry and pays close attention to the smallest shifts in the market. He is curious about what’s happening and why.

Douglass is a leading voice in Forex, With Vision Trading Network, an online education platform which has helped over 600 students worldwide, however, it doesn’t stop there. He also engages himself in learning about other industries. When leaders make the mistake of immersing themselves purely in their own industry, they risk missing out on emerging issues or life changing opportunities, as well as important connections with other industries.

6. Josue Pena, Founder of Online CEO

Josue Pena has 4.7million followers, has grown pages to 100k in less than 30 days, has done campaigns for 7, 8 and 9 figure entrepreneurs like Tai lopez, Cleverinvestor, Gary Vee, Russell Brunson, Ladyboss (helping them making 6 figures a month from Instagram), Alex Becker (currently growing him over 100k a month and helping him make multiple 6 figures a month from Instagram).

Josue has helped grow from 0 to 600k followers in 10 months with zero experience, etc. He is a force to be reckoned with on Instagram.

7. Faisal Shafique, Founder of @fact

You’ve probably follow one of Faisals instagram accounts. Faisal Instagram followers spread out to 20-25 million followers, his biggest page is @fact on instagram with a current 7 million followers. Faisal runs one of the biggest social media business in the world. How?

According to a Navalent study, top executives have a power to stay consistent in their forms of communication. They convey information in a way that keeps parties neutral, it does not cause problems and is easily digestable so that effective action can be taken. Powerful leaders like Faisal, know the tremendous value of soft skills, and devote time and effort to perfecting their communication skills for the better cause of the team and company as a whole.

8. Sebastian Ravitz, Co-Founder and CEO at Loudley

Sebastian Ravitz has spent his career immersed in the start-up world, and learned to navigate the rollercoaster that is the world of start-ups. He’s been a vital team member from the development stage of numerous companies. His skills and experience span from commercial script writing and production to running seven figure Regulation A+ equity crowdfunding campaigns. He’s also helped multiple brands scale their monthly e-commerce sales by over 10 times.

With his agency Loudley that he founded with his two partners while in college, their clients range from apparel and fine jewelry companies to large scale concerts and events. Having managed over $2M in Facebook ads, Sebastian’s experience in developing and refining target audiences paired with his creative approach to marketing is a high value asset he brings to his work.

9. Zain Jan, Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer Sungrade Solar

Sungrade Solar is one of the fastest growing residential scale solar energy companies, that focuses on people, the planet, and profit by providing high quality, clean and affordable power on a global scale. Since the start, Sungrade Solar has helped homeowners reduce their electricity bill by up to 50%. Zains success is nothing short of phenomenal.

Successful entrepreneurs like, Zain, beat procrastination with unique approaches such as using techniques like the ones mentioned in Chicken Soup for The Soul called time travel.

Your future self can’t be trusted because we are all “time inconsistent.” We may buy vegetables and think we’ll eat servings of healthy mixed greens all week; then, a week later, we toss out veggies spoiling out mush. What can you do right now to force our future selves to do the right thing? What argument can we come up with that will vanquish our future temptations of laziness and unproductivity.

10. Joey Song, COO, Cloudbric

Joey Song earned a position on this list for his contribution to the advancement of cloud-based web application security services. He spent his early career primarily as a management consultant for 'The Big 4' accounting firms for over 8 years. The last 4 years he has been focusing on the global expansion of Cloudbric's cybersecurity services, working with PhD scholars from the Korea Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST), Korea University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on VISION, an A.I. based machine learning program that managed to increase the accuracy rates of its incoming security threats by a whopping 85%. Song is currently the COO of the (not to be confused with its parent company,, which will allow this revolutionary tech to be accessible to anyone through an open blockchain designed to make the internet a safer place.

"What makes us different than most other ICOs is that we are an established award winning vendor with a loyal customer base, global partners, generating monthly revenue, etc. Cloudbric also started its roots as an in-house venture of the largest web application security vendor in South Korea with over 20 years of information security experience and expertise. While most ICOs start with an idea, raise funds, and then develop the protocol and network, Cloudbric already has a huge network, being the number one security vendor in South Korea and Singapore. These already paying enterprises will be given a 50% discount if they pay with our CLB token; users that secure their mobile devices, desktop computers, and even data centers with our security client will earn CLB tokens for simply generating anonymous data that is sent to VISION, where it is then decided whether the threat was real or a false-positive. The entire ecosystem of the platform is extremely well set up to be beneficial for all actors, and the project is gaining major traction in not only the cryptocurrency industry, but the cybersecurity industry as well."

11. Han Yoon, CEO, Lunar Digital Assets 

Han earned his position on this list not only for his passion for entrepenurialship that he's shown in the past, but for his relentless work in the blockchain industry in the past year. In just 8 months as CEO of Lunar Digital Assets, he took his passion and his ideas for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, and in just months managed to build a company valued in the millions. He is currently spearheading the development of next-generation tools for cryptocurrency traders and investors —both retail and institutional. Lunar Digital Assets also has a marketing and consulting division, which is currently engaged with some very big names in the blockchain industry. Han's knack and passion, along with his team of 15 equally passionate members, position themselves as potentially one of the more influential blockchain-related companies in the years to come.

"I fell in love with the Internet in 2003 when I made my first website, and I've been in love ever since. The idea of free, accessible information at the touch of your fingertips was mind-blowing to me. Couple years ago when I was diagnosed with the crypto "brain virus" that Vitalik Buterin talks about with AngelList's Naval Ravikant, I fell into a deep rabbit hole. The concept of decentralization and giving power back to the people and away from central-figure authorities was absolutely captivating— it is the Internet 3.0. Lunar Digital Assets started off as an idea just over half a year ago, and it still amazes me to see how much we have been able to accomplish since then. What excites me even more are the projects that are not even publicly announced yet, and I absolutely cannot wait to see how it pans out over the next year."

12. Josue Arteaga, COO of Manufacturing Influencers

19 year old business prodigy and Grandview raised entrepreneur, Josue Arteaga, runs the operations of one of the most exclusive PR companies, Manufacturing Influencers. His clients range from some of the world's richest and most famous public figures. Managing the brands and press of the influencers of tomorrow, the team at Manufacturing Influencers, are one of today’s top PR firms, focusing on helping clients reach their end result with their brands through PR.

“Our methodology is that PR is the single biggest growth hack to building that indestructible brand that you want. What happens when you build that brand organically vs paid ads? Warmer leads, warmer intros. The buyer's journey is shorter. That’s why you see all of the top people in their space like Sam Ovens, The Omnipresent Guy himself, Scott Oldford, Tai Lopez share out their PR because it builds that trust with a new audience. That’s why Chris Winfield gets on major Tv Segments because he can create a 7 figure business through that alone.” says Arteaga.

13. Morgan Kling - Founder of Market Boost

Morgan works with online retailers and entertainment companies offering services like consulting on how to connect with an audience at a massive scale, to deploying viral marketing campaigns using social media influencers. 

"I attribute a lot of my success to the people I'm surrounded by. I made it my mission when I first started to always give more than I take and it's really helped me build relationships with the right people. When you're an expert at what you do and are constantly offering to help people for free, you will start to attract the things you want."  

14. Jon Boles – Founder at Avintiv Media

Jon Boles is a visionary and serial entrepreneur- having launched 8 successful brands of his own and exited from one in 2018. Over the past decade alone, Jon has helped build and consult for over 140 brands across the country, grossing myriad millions of dollars for his clients along the way. With the recent cover of Scottsdale Health, Jon talked about his latest endeavor, Avintiv Media, which has won 8-awards in under one year and is being recognized as one of the fastest growing marketing agencies in Phoenix, AZ. Avintiv Media’s clients range from Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, a handful of celebrity fitness clients, and many more. Jon’s passion is being a ‘High Performance Business Coach’ under Avintiv Media where he coaches 30 premium clients around the country to increase their performance in their personal and business life.

“Becoming 100% authentic and vulnerable was the best decision I’ve ever made in 29 years of my life. You feel invincible and unstoppable when you have 0 fears holding you back. No skeletons in your closet anymore. No masks or pretending anymore. No fake facade of being happy 24/7. You’d be surprised by how much more successful you become when you do all of the above because money is no longer the motive.”

15. Dusty Varpness 23 -

Dusty Varpness has capitalized on influencer marketing and sales. He started his first social media management company his sophomore year of college (2014). Now he promotes for companies, brands, and celebrities. He’s helped Le'veon Bell (Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Fame Running back) build a Snapchat, and even Kim Kardashian promote her app on twitter.

“Dominating a social media platform is the key to eCommerce success,” xxxx told me. “My goal is to keep building an empire and to continue to bring innovative products to market. I want my family and friends to be set. If I slow down now, none of that will be possible. This is only the beginning.”

16. Joe Synder -

There is a magical confluence between varied experience and entrepreneurial success. Here at Lannister Development we get to review all kinds of ideas for blockchain uses and the one defining trait of successful projects that I have seen is when the founders have backgrounds stemming from multiple entrepreneurial attempts. Being a successful entrepreneur in today’s startup world requires the ability to see how seemingly disparate sectors or systems can be disrupted or improved. The impactful startups have that unique ability to bring tools, people and verticals together into wonderful new solutions.

17. Liam Robertson – ClickGem Project

The ClickGem Project is pleased to announce that Alphabit Fund CEO, Liam Robertson, has come onboard as a team advisor starting from 18th July 2018.

Alphabit Fund (Alphabit Digital Currency Fund / Alphabit Limited) is one of the world’s largest crypto hedge funds. With a capital base of over $500 million, the fund’s team is made up of highly experienced cryptocurrency investors. Alphabit seeks out investment opportunities in projects that are using blockchain technology to address real world problems. Some of its current investments include SKY Coin, MetalPay, Nukleus Vision, Aelf, Data, and VideoCoin among others.

Among the benefits Alphabit Fund is set to bring onboard is its experience in managing payment services, the core feature of the ClickGem Project. The president of Alphabit Fund is also the founder of, a renowned payment service provider and part of PayPal.

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