Why You Needn't Fret Over Time Management, as a New Entrepreneur

Work smartly to save time

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If you are a first-time entrepreneur, or even a millennial desirous of taking up entrepreneurship in 2018 and beyond, then time management is one aspect which certainly has been the talk of the town as far as multitasking is concerned. Now, what if we tell you that there is absolutely no need for you to fret over completing tasks on time.


Smart work is now the groovy thing in

Smart work does not mean neglecting work and wasting time; it means utilizing the best hours of your work day (as an entrepreneur) to complete the most demanding of work tasks.

“Scheduling is the key,” stated Amruda Nair – Joint Managing Director and CEO at Aiana Hotels.

The takeaway for young entrepreneurs (and millennials) is the proper allocation of time with gravity of the work tasks at hand being a parameter. Hence, it is always desirable to schedule the most difficult of work tasks to be completed within your most productive hours of the work day; thereby potentially having ample time for the rest of the relatively easier tasks and for personal life as well.

Analyze why you waste time, and unlearn

To accomplish smart working, another factor that comes into play is proper analysis of the factors that distract you during the work day. When this is achieved, you could do the rest of the math to ensure that less important activities are kept at arm’s length in order to make time for the higher priority work tasks. The key here is that these techniques are easy to master and are certainly not rocket science. Millennials should potentially be able to connect themselves with these aspects.

“Be consistent and track every habit that you would like to get rid of. Also track your unfocused work and there might be a chance for you to discover that you spend majority of your week on things that gives no results,” informed Simran Jha who is Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Cord Communique.

Hence, identification and unlearning plays a vital role with respect to ensuring a perfect work day for new-age entrepreneurs without worrying too much about perfect time management.

Enjoyment is good

The old saying of enjoying what you do to give perfect results holds well across work sectors irrespective of the nature of these. You could be a nuclear scientist and if you have the work enjoyment policy interwound to your brain then there is nothing to stop you from accomplishing your work tasks well before the set deadlines.

Enthusiasm becomes the driver in this regard. Your work ways should be driven by enthusiasm; when it is, you end up feeling like magic.

“Account for every hour of the day, from meetings to travel and shopping. Organize your day according to your priority,” states Sudhanshu Ranjan, Founder of Innovative machineries agro India.

In summary, there are ethical hacks available for managing time ethically; you need not feel let down when you think that you could not manage work tasks (as per timelines set) properly. In these cases, count on your intellect.

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