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Free Report: How Outsourcing Simplifies Transportation and Supply Chain Logistics

Learn how companies like Tailored Brands and Cayuga Marketing keep fleet, transportation, and supply chain costs in line.

Things like fleet, transportation, and supply chain logistics may not be your area of expertise, but are becoming increasingly critical to meeting your customer’s expectations.

Courtesy of Ryder

For Tailored Brands (Men’s Wearhouse, JoS. A. Bank) and Cayuga Marketing, they felt the increasing pressure of the complexities their transportation networks and supply chains placed on meeting rising customer demands. To overcome these challenges, they made the decision to outsource these functions so they could focus more time on their core business, lower costs, and meet expectations.

In this exclusive report, you’ll learn what the tipping points were that caused Tailored Brands and Cayuga Marketing to consider outsourcing, and the process they went through in deciding which provider to partner with. You’ll also learn the benefits they achieved through their customized fleet, drivers trained for their business, network engineering, and more.

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