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In this issue, we bring you the success story of an avant-garde Asian-Indian hotelier, the lowdown on some of the best coworking spaces in India and more.

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The good news first — I am glad to share that Entrepreneur is marking its presence in Asia and is now live at www.entrepreneur.com/AP. Going

forward we would be doing cutting-edge stories on some Asian entrepreneurs who are disruptive, innovative and inspirational. We have also stepped ahead in finding what cross-border entrepreneurs are bringing to newer markets.

Our cover face is an Asian-Indian hotelier who is viewing the hotel industry from a totally different lens. We caught up with him to find out how through his avant-gardism and artily designed hotels he has captured markets like Hong

Kong and Australia. We also met the founder of Zendesk to understand how he is making the world of SAAS sassier.

While we see international brands foraying in India, another story we covered this time captures how Indian start-ups are now beginning to take the overseas market head-on. Coworking is the future of workspaces and is predicted

to increase four times by 2020 in India. Today, India has the third largest ecosystem in the world and coworking culture is booming big time as sharing economy takes the limelight. We went deep to research the coworking ecosystem for this issue and came up with the best of coworking spaces in India. The new-age coworking spaces meet different needs of different people —they have industry niche, women only places and with added crèches too. There are some coworking spaces that excel on their value for money and there are others,

which exude the global work culture. There are some spaces where mentorship comes with the package while others have freelancing services at heart. On the whole coworking has given a totally new dimension to workspaces that never

existed till a few years ago. In this issue, we have also captured the top trends in

brand licensing industry, which promises to bring new merchandise in retail by extending the power of a brand beyond its original. Whether in entertainment, sports, fashion or gaming; brands and IPs are extending themselves to find a new meaning in what their brand equity could be translated into. These are interesting times as a new industry is beginning to take shape and Indian brands are looking to make the most of it.

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