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3 Ways to Reduce Mistakes and Get Your Business on Track for Success

No business can run flawlessly all the time, but many common setbacks are avoidable.
3 Ways to Reduce Mistakes and Get Your Business on Track for Success
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Successful businesses run on good communication and the accurate transfer of information. In an ideal world, this is a quick, seamless, and infallible process. Of course, reality operates differently. In the real world, day-to-day operations often depend on monotonous, repetitive work that slows everything down and can lead to mistakes and costly mix-ups.

Thankfully, there are tools that can help bring organizations closer to the ideal of flawless efficiency. Smart business owners understand that while perfection is an impractical target, they can easily speed up operations and reduce errors with a few simple solutions.

With that in mind, here are three strategies that can help your business run more effectively, in part by reducing the chances for something to go amiss.

1. Digitize as much of your paperwork as possible.

Writing something down on paper is a tenuous way of recording and storing information: Physical documents are easily damaged, tampered with, lost, and stolen. Often, there’s no backup, which means when any of these scenarios happen, you’re left in a bind.

The solution? Digitize, digitize, digitize. Doing so will make your data more accurate, legible, searchable, and easily shareable.

With the right tools, moving from paper to the cloud can be surprisingly painless. Mobile Forms from Sprint Business allows your team to create digital documents by recording information on the devices they already use, from wherever they happen to be working.

For a simple fix, the upsides are enormous: going digital eliminates headaches caused by misplaced files, illegible handwriting, and late paper invoices, among other avoidable obstacles.

2. Make it easy for employees to communicate and collaborate.

A breakdown in communication is never good for business. As an owner, an important part of your job is making sure employees are keeping one another in the loop so that time isn’t wasted and deadlines are always met.

Back in the day, this was done through in-person conversations, phone calls, and emails. But these static, often one-on-one methods of communication can make it difficult to keep everyone on the same page. Thankfully, the cloud came along.

G Suite, from Google, offers a comprehensive set of cloud apps that make it possible for your employees to communicate and collaborate on projects together, whether they’re working out of the same office or based thousands of miles apart. Data is stored in the cloud, courtesy of Google Drive, which means documents can be securely accessed from wherever, whenever.

As a result, your team can collaborate on the fly, leading to faster, more efficient results. Let’s say Sally in marketing is working on a press release, and needs edits from Mary, the CMO, who is on her way to the airport. They’re under a tight deadline. Using Google Docs on her phone, Mary can make edits and ask questions in the document, which Sally can address in real time, allowing them to resolve issues quickly and get the release out the door.

3. Protect yourself from hack attacks.

Cybersecurity breaches can be incredibly costly. There’s the monetary damage that occurs when proprietary information is stolen, the reputational hit you’ll take for allowing hackers to walk away with customer data and, finally, the massive amounts of time and energy it can take to identify and resolve the problem. It’s a giant waste of finances and productivity.

To keep things running smoothly, it’s best to avoid the situation altogether—which is where tools like Sprint Secure Web come in. The cloud-based service defends your employees’ devices against a host of cyber threats lurking on the internet. Whether they’re signing in from a desktop at the office, a laptop from their couch, or a smartphone on the way to the airport, it’s always on guard to protect against ransomware and other malicious attempts to steal your company’s proprietary information.

No business can run flawlessly all the time, but many common setbacks are avoidable. As an owner, you can reduce the number of unforced errors by making sure the right tools are in place, allowing you to focus on what matters: the health of the business and the happiness of your customers.

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