International Travel Trends That Will Define the Tourism Industry

Exploring small towns by road, crossing your own country border by land and experiencing the intense local culture is definitely a trend you want to latch on

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Many trends often leave us high and dry. Don’t stress because most trends can be easily fulfilled without making a big dent in your pocket. These trends are for everyone who is interested in travel and likes to enjoy a good getaway.

Tourism is increasing in and out of India

India is full of opportunities to travel. Even a walk around the neighbourhood will reveal so many nooks and cosy corners. The closest hill station or the nearest beach is always a train ride away. According to the India Tourism Statistics 2017, local tourism has grown by almost 13% that is about 1,614 million citizens and international travel has increased by 17% which is about 22 million people.

Overland journeys are picking and self-drive is an upcoming trend

In our experience and travels, we have seen a surge in the overland journey segment. Exploring small towns by road, crossing your own country border by land and experiencing the intense local culture is definitely a trend you want to latch on. This is not limited to within India, but many are driving from India up to Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia and also as far as up to countries in Europe.

Self-drive and long journeys

Self-drive trips are gaining interest and people are now less apprehensive when driving within India or outside. We often get requests from traveller’s to understand rules and gain more insight into self-drive journeys. Owing to the developing road routes across the globe, road trips around the world are becoming a reality. For example, China’s OBOR project connects them to European countries, which is making the long journey very accessible and a near possibility. We can’t help but mention that journeys by road are absolutely exciting and fun. It helps you bask in the scenic nature, local culture and enjoy the present.

Solo travel

Solo travel is also becoming increasingly popular. It is a common belief that one can experience the local culture, and its people best when alone. It is an unadulterated journey that is raw and yet so fulfilling. Solo travel is often seen on many bucket lists. In fact, according to 45% of travellers have a bucket list to fulfil when choosing a destination.

Unique Experiences

In the same report, 28% of travellers around the world are looking to have a unique experience, which could include exploring unexplored destinations such as Kyrgyzstan or Kazakhstan. 27% of travellers want to learn a new skill and 25% would like to take an epic road or train trip.

Active vacations

Another trend is having an ‘active vacation’. Club your travel with any physical activities such as mountain biking, yoga, running or anything that is related to fitness. Having an active vacation is cool and you will definitely be one of the unique ones to bring the trend to your friends. All active travels make for great pictures and you can unabashedly show them off - don’t forget to flex those muscles!

There is inspiration everywhere you look and in everything you do. All you need to do is see carefully! Don’t let trends scare you, embrace them and fulfil them in the simplest and smallest way possible, it is after all, all about the journey. Good travels!