Best Business Ideas With Low Investment

Establishing a small business can be the right decision if you want to do something exciting

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With the business industry constantly evolving, new ideas are constantly popping up, holding great potential for turning your vision into reality. However, you need to understand that all ideas may not suit everyone.


To become a successful franchisor, you should be able to pick up good small franchise business ideas.

Here are some ideas carrying great potential for enthusiast franchisors.   

Meal Service Business

Usually, considered an ideal business for women, meal service is gaining popularity drastically. This is majorly due to India’s hectic work culture and growing number of senior citizens who prefer meal service instead of cooking.

This business can be started from your home, preparing fresh and wholesome meals supplying them to offices and homes.

Childcare Business

Another business getting popular among women is childcare business, given the increasing number of working parents. It requires small premises to follow your dream and earn quick capital. The investment being minimal, all you need to invest in are some toys and mattresses which are required to make a child comfortable.

Further investment involves disposable diapers, body lotions, and first aid box for an emergency.

Ethnic Food Store Business

If you are in love with the palate of various communities of India, establishing an ethnic food store business is your call !! All you need to do is to obtain products that have a long shelf life through suppliers and sell them to your target community.

Mobile Garage Business

Breaking down of cars, scooters, bikes and other automobiles are very common in our country. The owners of these vehicles face a dilemma about where to get it repaired. For such situations, you can proceed further to establish a mobile garage.

The rise in disposable income and population is helping this sector to emerge more, creating numerous business opportunities for the investors. You just require a car, with a mobile phone and proper repairing tools.

This article was originally published on Franchise India by Shahram Warsi.