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Why Tiberius Coin is an ICO Worth Checking Out

Why Tiberius Coin is an ICO Worth Checking Out
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There’s a serious issue with cryptocurrency initial coin offering (ICO) burnout. Every day, countless tokens launch an ICO, many of which often never amount to anything.

The barrier to entry is so low, making it easy for scammers to try and launch a new token as a modern get-rich quick scheme. Yet, for all the bad tokens that make it through, there are still diamonds in the rough to be found.

Tiberius Coin is one of those diamonds in the rough.

Dubbed the “metal coin” by its 12,000+ user Telegram community, Tiberius Coin is the world’s first legitimate asset-backed token. Unlike other crypto companies, Tiberius is led by an established commodities firm, with over 30 years in the industry, that is familiar with the intricacies of such an established sector. They also have the likes of legendary crypto pioneer Philip Zimmermann working with them as their Chief Scientist and Security Officer.

The idea is simple, but innovative.

Rather than create another crypto with no real value like most options on the market, they have created a metal-backed token that can be traded, redeemed for actual metal, and used as a reliable investment vehicle.

Tiberius Coin is not a shot in the dark either. The company spent years developing a tech-focused strategy that includes several notable tech and electric vehicle metals. These metals include:

  • Aluminum (25g)
  • Copper (25g)
  • Tin (5g)
  • Nickel (6g)
  • Cobalt (1g)
  • Gold (3mg)
  • Platinum (1.5mg)

Both the overall tech and electric vehicles industries were selected as they are viewed as the major driver of innovation going forward, while gold and platinum were chosen to add extra stability to the token.

Because the token can be redeemed for the underlying metal, it cannot go to zero like most other cryptocurrencies can. The metal markets are far too big, too established, and there is simply too much demand for that to happen. Companies like Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Nvidia, and Tesla need raw materials to manufacture their core products.

A Token with Real World Value

Tiberius Coins will have countless uses. Large commodities firms will be able to trade them to track the market, small investors will have the opportunity to take part in metals trading, traders will have arbitrage opportunities, and large corporations will be able stockpile raw materials that they need to manufacture products.

Even investors in countries with unstable economies can benefit from the real world applications provided by the Tiberius Coin. As it stands, this token will provide much-needed stability in countries like Argentina, Venezuela, and Turkey, who are experiencing inflation crises.

Regardless of an individual’s investment strategy, Tiberius Coin provides investors with direct access to the lucrative metals markets, a market that is almost guaranteed to beat inflation every year.

A Safer, Less Volatile Investment

There are many reasons to invest in Tiberius Coin over other traditional cryptocurrencies. The key takeaway you need to understand is that Tiberius Coin is a less volatile investment. We’ve all seen Bitcoin plunge over 50% from its Q1 2018 highs. Recovery doesn’t look promising as of yet.

In contrast, Tiberius Coin isn’t subject to these kind of violent movements because it is directly tied to the massive metal markets. These markets aren’t affected by this kind of volatility, they move with inflation, and they are the catalyst that fuels the technology revolution.

Another common theme in the crypto markets is transparency. We’ve all seen the massive scams that plague this industry. From the likes of Mt. Gox imploding and stealing Bitcoins, to the BitConnect fiasco that is still fresh in our minds.

When regulation is absent, scam cultures are able to flourish. This isn’t something the cryptocurrency markets want to be known for. Instead, more tokens should be embracing regulation.

The answer is simple.

More regulation means more stability and more stability means increased transparency. All of these things are good for individual cryptocurrencies and their investors.

The company behind Tiberius Coin embraces regulation because they come from an industry that is heavily regulated. They know exactly what regulation means, how to follow established regulations, and how to offer a product that is safe and stable for its investors.

The company worked diligently to produce a legal framework that is rock solid. They did this because they understood the importance of protecting both themselves and their investors.

Simplifying Access to Complex Financial Tools

With so many dubious development teams cashing in on the ICO movement, Tiberius Coin is a rare opportunity that more investors need to be aware of.

Unlike in the 2008 financial crisis, where large financial institutions focused on creating complex financial products that no one understood, Tiberius Coin is focusing on simplifying access to complex financial tools.

The company is committed to using the blockchain to democratize access to complex financial tools. Commodities trading is a massive industry and one that many retail investors typically have little access to.

Tiberius Coin is working to change that.

By simplifying commodities trading, contracts, and the entire process, retail investors will now have the opportunity to take part in the tech sector growth story through the raw materials that will power it.

Tiberius Coin ICOs in October

Tiberius Coin will ICO in October. Interested investors are encouraged to check out the company’s official website, read their whitepaper, and to ask any questions they may have in their official Telegram group.

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