5 Things You Will Not Regret Doing at Work

While at work, stay focused but taking a break, adding value and infusing fresh energies in your department are pre-requisites of a successful person.

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You have impending tasks and deadlines hovering over your head. You just don’t want to break down or crash under the weight of to-do lists. You feel like taking a break but phew! That seems impossible. The boss might freak out or the tasks might not finish.


Have you heard the story of an old woodcutter who would take a break to sharpen his axe every half an hour and landed up cutting more logs at the end of the day than a young woodcutter who continued to cut the logs without a break?

Here is a list of quick tip-offs which will help you take a break and you surely won’t regret it. These handy pointers will rejuvenate you doubling your speed and efficiency.

1. Quick coffee break

Simply sneak out with a colleague to grab a cup of coffee. The time off from the screen, a hearty chit-a-chat and the caffeine rush in your body are sure to transform your dreary mood. This could be a good way to discuss some ideas and plan your next moves. The time taken away from the light gleaming from the laptop is bound to refresh your thinking caps.

Vasudha Gupta, Director of Arms Clothing Brand, says, ‘I am a coffee lover and a quick catch up with employees is more like an informal meeting where we laugh and discuss ideas. A cup of coffee makes work sound like fun.”

2. Hit the gym

Weird it may sound, but this kind of physical exercise amidst high-pressure work is sure to relax your tired spirits and good to generate the adrenaline post workout. All you have to do is go to the gym in the office building or take a quick walk around the green office campus and refresh yourself physically and mentally. ‘A sound mind resides in a sound body’. You never know you might crack a path-breaking idea while on a treadmill.

Sakun Aggarwal, CEO of Krishna Brickworks, discovers a new way to fitness. He says, “I make sure that I complete 10000 steps while at work premises. I prefer taking stairs and going for a walk post-lunch to keep my mind and body energized.”

3. How about tech clear-up?

Use the free time or a quick break to declutter your desktop, laptop and mobile. Delete all unwanted emails and excess data and make space in your memory. This has two advantages. One, you are likely to come across some important information which you might have been looking for. Second, you can organize and plan your work better once de-cluttered.

Arpit Jain, CEO of Promatics Information Technology, says, “The bulk of emails and unwanted data make it difficult to look for relevant information in time. So without remorse, I look forward to organizing and cleaning up the memory of my devices. This helps in planning and executing the day in a meticulous way.”

Sakun adds that while decluttering, he once found an important mail from the bank which helped him pay his interest due in time.

4. Networking

Now, this is inexplicable. The advantages of networking cannot be undermined. And this is one thing that is bound to leave you with lots of information and contacts. So do not hesitate and meet clients, prospective clients and attend board meetings or seminars to build a strong network. Arpit insists on having severely grounded connections to build a better network for your business.

5. Enrol in a new course

A cliché, it may sound due to your age or position, but it is never too late to learn a new language or a skill or indulge in a hobby. Apart from work, you should have something to look forward to in your life. You must continue to add value to your skills regularly.

Ayush Jain, Founder of MystudyDestination enrolled for a new blogging course and landed up offering digital marketing services to his own office. He says, “Adding skills to your portfolio makes your personality dynamic. You should keep indulging in new courses and continue adding value to your daily chores. Make your resume versatile.”

Over to you: While at work, stay focused but taking a break, adding value and infusing fresh energies in your department are pre-requisites of a successful person. You must continue to learn a new thing each day, stay refreshed and keep light humour amidst peak tension hours. Your colleagues are likely to solicit your advice and you’ll be a star at work.

Sania Gupta

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Sania Gupta is also Founder and CEO, Digital Kangaroos, an author, entrepreneur, marketer and blogger. And as a career coach at My Study Destination, she has helped thousands of students realize their dreams.