How Franchisors Can Improve Employee Engagement Through Communication Essentials

Engaged employees are well committed to an organization, contributing to its success, also honing their skills

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The franchisors who communicate well with their employees understand its benefits.  In any business, employees are believed to bind the company and customers together. After all, skilled employees are great at strategizing, attaining success early.


A robust communication is a must for achieving this feat. Some key tactics are mentioned below:

Understanding the role is a must

The entire team is responsible for the success of an organization. Whether it’s a leader or any other employee, their role determines the future of the brand, helping the brand to compete successfully.

As franchisors, you need to make sure that every employee under your brand is familiar with their roles. Communication essentially is a great tool which can help you in this process. Franchisors can nurture their staffs skill and confidence, improving workforce.  

Upon the completion of the procedure, employees are expected to be more focused and positive towards the organization’s goal, bringing profits.

Improve visibility among the staffs

If you are spending more time communicating with external stakeholders than your employees, then you should probably improve your vision. A face-to-face meeting can be scheduled with the employees to improve the communication procedure.

Further, engagements on live chats and social media can be arranged for nurturing the employees’ skill.  

Internal communication system

Internal communication can act as a tool on a carpenter’s workbench. Every tool- being the simplest to complicate, serves a purpose. Franchisors could help the employees to choose the right tool for their job via the internal communication system.

Additionally, franchisors can motivate and inspire their employees for a desired positive outcome.

This article was originally published on Franchise India by Shahram Warsi.