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E-Mail Expertise, Part 1

6 of the 12 ways you can tap into the power of e-mail

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Guerrilla marketers know that marketing on the Internet means a lot more than having a first-class Web site. It also entails participating actively in forums centered around your business's area of expertise. It means understanding the immense marketing power of chat groups and connecting with the right customers there. It means hosting conferences, perhaps penning an online column or article and doing research in the most extensive information arena in history. And it means tapping into the power of e-mail.

Here are six of the twelve top e-mail strategies for guerrilla marketing online:

1. Compose e-mail offline. You're much more likely to write an effective message, correctly spelled and formatted, if you have the time to compose and review it offline.

2. Use an effective subject line. You may not get the chance to explain your message further if the prospect won't open it. A subject line on an e-mail message is the equivalent of a teaser line on a direct-mail envelope.

3. Pay attention to your message's style and clarity. You wouldn't dress like a slob at the office; don't dress your messages like slobs on the Net.

4. Use an effective signature. You already know the value of a business card, and your signature is your electronic business card.

5. Use an evocative address. Choose a screen name, user name or domain name that helps promote your business. Well-chosen names are marketing opportunities for guerrillas.

6. Keep your messages short. Don't waste people's time. If they want more information, they'll ask for it, and then you can take time to explain things further. Cyberspace belongs to the concise writer.