Entertaining Families & Friends Has Become Fuel For These Top 5 Entertainment Franchisees

The upcoming millennial are seen to becoming lazy, either they are drowned in alcohol and beverages in their weekends or they sit with bowlful of junk food and binge watch web series

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There are numerous factors which keep them indoors, like thick traffic, pollution, far away destination with children and etc.


Hence entertainment franchisees are taking the command in their hands to let everyone enjoy their bit of fun experiences with their family and friends in more ways than one.

To keep your future generation stay attached to the step out of their couch and spends quality time with their family and friends, here are top 5 popular entertainment franchisees, one can start with:

Theme Park franchisee:

Often in the tussle of the parents’ office days and relaxing weekends, children get stuck. Theme parks such as “Kingdom of dreams” are places where parents can chill and children can safely play around with other children.

Game station franchisee:

The way mall culture has taken over the market, it has also opened numerous opportunities for franchisees to attract customers easily. Game station franchisees, where children can enjoy their fun games and have some physical activity indoors are gaining popularity everywhere.

Amusement rides franchisee:

Due to space constraint, the traditional fairs have kind of stopped or are limited to festivals in distant places. But amusement rides franchisees that collaborate with water parks see business all round the year.

Water sports franchisee:

All the water babies, who stay in metro cities and to hit the water bodies far away from home in one weekend gets difficult and hectic, which is why the water park franchisees such as “Imagica and Essel World”, which is one stop destination for family picnics and friends getting together.

Leisure destination franchisee:

Since the western influence has taken over, the cultural influences are only limited to extreme villages, which is why the leisure franchisees such as “Choki Dhani”, which carries the token of culture to places and let people know about the authentic taste and feels of certain cultures around the country through their franchisee.

This article was originally published in Franchise India by Nibedita Mohanta.